Started by UFO_MAN, October 11, 2005, 06:44:19 AM

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i darwing in paper and pain color in OC

this  ME TAN comic  i darw at 2004
you have see ?


 humm, if your english was as good as your open canvus skills youd be set :D

looks sketchy but over all very nice.  I like the faces, especialy on 2k. XP's wasit looks a little.... thin but maybe its the angle
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 I like those very much. ^_^ The sketchy looks only adds to the artistic approach, and they look very nice in general as well.

Thumbs up, UFO_MAN. ^_^

edit: Oh yes, and the ME-tan one is great as well; her attitude seems similar to Hikaru Shidou's in Magic Knight Rayearth.  


 whoa! /me likes those a lot, specially the 2k one.

And the sketchy look its fine, it looks more....mmm....well, it looks good :D  


 UFO_MAN... you are still here somewhere? it seems that you posted cool picts and then... dissapeared... :(  


 with how dead it gets here from time to time its no suprise some people dont come back.... however... I must now go click on the random image cus it appears to be a half dressed pair of 98s...
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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