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XDCC Tutorial

Started by NejinOniwa, April 23, 2013, 10:13:13 PM

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Copypasta'd from a skype convo with kari a few days ago...
1: Get an IRC client. For Firefox users, Chatzilla is awesome. Hydra is also an alternative.
Go into settings and tell it where you want your DCC files to end up
Or something. Anyway, that's for setup. Now, you need to find your files, which is a bit more tricky.

First you need to find out which sub group has subbed what you need. For my example, I was looking for Seto no Hanayome. After some bad false leads I found a batch on TPB by Doki subs. Unfortunately this batch torrent was slow, so I looked for an alternate approach (as in DDL)...and found an IRC packlist.[Doki]%20Hanayome%20720]
if you already know you're looking for xdcc, though, you should just google "seriesname fansub" or something
anyway, in this case, getting the file is fairly simple. you connect to the sub group's IRC channel, which in this case is
you take the file you want in the packlist, and see what file number it is and what bot it belongs to
then you send that request to the bot, in this format:
"/msg botname xdcc send #filenumber"
Episode 4 of SnH is #392 on Rawrbot, so that request would be "/msg Rawrbot xdcc send #392".
unfortunately you'd need to do that for each episode if you want an entire series, but some channels have multiple bots with the same content, and you can sometimes use several slots on the same bot.


yay! i'll let you know how i do when i try it. -w-
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