Nuzlocke. Get in here!

Started by NejinOniwa, February 16, 2013, 10:04:58 AM

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Indeed, when you can just get online and bring up Bulbapedia :\



indeed... I'd rather use the THOUSAND pokemon info sites for fre than to pay for the apppppp


I use personally, I find it more easily navigable on most subjects within a specific game. Bulbapedia is good for specific in-depth things like explanations on Breeding mechanics and the like, though.

Personally, I'm treating ingame trades as no-go. Besides, they're all pretty useless as far as pokemon go anyway, so why bother - this guy in Blackthorn wants to trade his Dodrio...FOR A DRAGONAIR. ARE YOU BROKEN OR SOMETHING?

The Bug-catching contest...I treat that as a separate area of its own, honestly, split into two parts. You need to catch the first pokemon you find in there, UNLESS you're in a contest; if you're in a contest, you can ignore Nuzlocke rules and play it as usual to catch the strongest bug you can and win the contest, AS LONG AS YOU RELEASE IT AFTERWARD. I use the contest as a way to farm Evolutionary stones, not to get bug pokémon.

I also utilize what I refer to as the Tentacruel Clause. It's essentially an extension of the No Dubs rule; while No Dubs does not count upward in the evolution tree, the Tentacruel Clause counts downward. The name comes from its most common application in my case - namely, having caught a Tentacruel allows you to skip catching a Tentacool. Much like the No Dubs rule, it is to promote diversity in your teams.


if that's the case, i'ma just wait till the contest is on to catch something there and get the most badassery one i can find. SCYTHER? I THINK SO

if all else fails, it'll just be banished to the back of the box, never to be used towards any nuzlocke. (not that this'll come up for awhile, i haven't even beaten bugsy yet due to MASS TRAINING.)

is seribii really better? i've been using bulbapedia this whole time. :0


I used to use Serebii, but I found Bulbapedia was more convenient; in that, if I want to know the attack power of Mega Punch over Pound, I just search them and have detailed info instantly, or reliable in-game maps of areas, etc.


the detail can sometimes be confusing, but i'd rather have too much than too little. :\


Bulbapedia's wiki format makes it easy when you know what you're looking for, but Serebii is better when you don't.


ahh, okay. i'll stick with it then since i usually look for targeted things.

any updates, people? :3


Well, I got an LOL from this trainer:

Then, I began my trek toward Vermillion City. Highwind was nearly killed by a rather mean Butterfree, but pulled through in the end and evolved into a Fearow >:3

Also, Blackjack hit level 20, I obtained a bicycle, and caught a Meowth on route 5 (Which I named Nyantaro; as a reference to Softenni >w>). Now, to do some training to get everyone else up to level 20, and then it's time to board the SS Anne

EDIT: I went into Diglet Cave, and caught myself a Diglet (Named Leona. Yes, another Softenni reference); which will help me out with the next Gym :3


nice, dude. i like having several different types, so in this case Leona will be a major asset. nyantaro will also make training kick that much more ass. -w-

as for that trainer, it reminds me of a former friend who got mad at me because i didn't like her boyfriend. i told her that i found it sad how she based so much of her life around him, and she stopped talking to me. good riddance, as far as i'm concerned. :\


Indeed. Having multiple types is always nice

So, I just defeated Lt. Surge. I'll let this image speak for itself

Now, to do some training, obtain Flash, and crawl through the Rock Tunnel

EDIT: Caught myself a Drowzee (Named it Osaka, after the character from Azumanga Daioh -w-). Now, to train her and then head into the Rock Tunnel


Well, I'm way behind in my regular  game and I'm glad I switched to Regular... If I had tried nuzzlocke I'd have ti restart... I went to town 2 where the bitch bugsy Floored me with that Motherfucking scyther, but in the second  attempt I went smart and creamed hir...

here's my After Gym party:

it's implied that I'm not renaming the cokemonz


So, I'm making my way to the Rock Tunnel...and BaconDick bit the dust along the way ;_;

However, a new member rises to take his place: Dr. Insano, the Voltorb. Now, to get everyone on equal footing and then enter the Rock Tunnel

-Current party-
Dr. Insano: Lv16 Voltorb
Cactaur: Lv22 Bellsprout
Blackjack: Lv22 Pidgeotto
Highwind: Lv22 Spearow
Monty: Lv20 Raticate
Agumon: Lv23 Charmander

-On the bench-
Leona: Lv23 Diglett
Nyantaro: Lv23 Meowth
Osaka: Lv23 Drowzee
Eggie: Lv24 Jigglypuff

-The graveyard-
Raichu: Lv6 Sandshrew
Dood: Lv15 Geodude
BaconDick: Lv22 Butterfree