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"Classic" games (board games, pen'n'paper RPG, Ring a Ring o' Roses...)

Started by ettanb, February 07, 2013, 04:19:51 PM

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cooler to you.....i hate people spamming me with random videos. they clog my connection and i always have to wait till the commercial to see them. >>;;

is anyone here good at trivia games? like trivial persuit and such. i've never been partial to those kind of games myself, but we had a harry potter one that was pretty cool.


i like watching jeopardy on tv but in terms of in-person trivia games i doubt i'd do good. >>;


The clan is in general pretty good at trivia games. We blame it on the so-called P1-morning syndrome... :)



I faintly remember playing some trivia games as a kid, but we never were big into them; the closest that we regularly played was this ancient Wheel of Fortune board game


oh I love jeopardy... I remember we used to have American network on cable, (eng, no subs) and I had to fight with mum for the TV control, since jeopardy came by at the same time slot of her soap operas,... then they took it away and set warner channel which made me watch the <bihg Bang theory


big bang theory isn't terrible. we just watched an episode, actually. it's grown on me over the years.

as for jeopardy, though, my grandpa watches that show religiously, and if we're here we watch with him. there's nothing more satisfying than getting a question that the contestants don't. (i've only done it once and it was fucking sweet. -w- )


never said it was bad, only that I miss jeopardy

that is something I used to do


answer the questions that no one else could? it's great, right?

oddly enough, i don't find it particularly satisfying to do stuff like that with games in person. if the other player(s) can't put up enough of a fight to make it a challenge to beat them, then it feels like a waste of time. (even going against the computer is boring if you win all the time.)


Trivial Pursuit~ ^.^

Yeah, I like it. Quite much. Have done fairly well in it. Surprisingly well. It's nice. Yes.

edit: Quiz games, I like them generally a lot. My liking for one has a reverse correlation with the percentage of popular culture questions in it, though.



As far as outside games, hide & seek was probably the most played and most commonly played in my neighborhood, followed by freeze tag, and of course, an epic neighborhood-wide water gun war (It was like Team Fortress 2...with water guns, and our battlefield being the dead-end street I live on)

However, I hated playing hide & seek with one girl who used to live across the street. She routinely cheated by hiding too close to base (Which was a house rule everyone agreed on, to keep it fair), trying to tag base and win while the person who is "it" was still counting, reusing the same 3 hiding spots over and over (Especially inside her dad's broken-down truck; which she'd sit in plain sight and lock the door if the person who is "it" got too close), and if you managed to find her (Or were clever and stealthy enough to sneak up on her and open the door on that truck), she'd scream and cry like you took away her favorite toy. Which, her screaming resulted in me getting in trouble even if I didn't do anything wrong. and of course nobody would listen to my side of the story >_>;;

But I'm getting carried away. If we left her our, hide & seek was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon :3