Pokemon Roleplay (MD/Trainer)

Started by Simonorged, July 28, 2014, 09:59:05 AM

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After having a conversation with Bella yesterday, the idea was brought to my attention to see if anyone would like to join in on a pokemon roleplay. Is anyone interested?
Simon was here :P


Interested, yes.

My trainer character as well as their Pokemon are quite fleshed out and fit for roleplay due to being asked lots of questions when I won a small internet tournament a while back. I actually wrote a complete biography for the occasion.

More information would be needed before a final decision, however.

Taking on an additional roleplay could be hard for me, though, since just last week I was nominated for and given Queen Ashe on the League of Legends forum. That adjustment has been difficult since I have never roleplayed on such a grand scale, so I'm skittish.


there is that, I'm thinking something along the lines of para or multi-para.
and I've never actually done one where there were mor then two people, this would be a learning experiance for me.

I would be a charmander. (Not a suprise)
Considering I have no actual interest in being a trainer, playing the part of one of those creatures sounds more fun.
I found the mystery dungeon series to be more enjoyable anyway.
Simon was here :P


It seems that the rules will be complex,although im interested,but i only can master the PM before Diamond.
I cant define that im strong life ,but my lifeblood is certainly hard.


I'd potentially be able to do something about this as well, but indeed, more info would be crucial to anything. But either way it'd be a good way for me to run some steam away from my Pathfinder DMing...


Here would be the rules, they are kind of basic though.
You either are a Pokemon, or you are a trainer. I'd like this to be  mystery dungeon type thing where we are all Pokemon.
Four moves, limit of your Pokemon to one team. MD fits the role-play adventure thing so there is more to do.
Pick your character (obviously)

I am a level 45 charmander.
Move set includes darkpulse, dragonclaw, heatwave, and leafblade (long story, darkpulse and leafblade are connected due to backstory.)

Pick any of the 745ish pokemon and choose your moves wisely. Pretty sure we will need a game master too...
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>dark pulse
>leaf blade

You know, it's one thing putting Solar Beam on Mega Charizard Y. But that right there is just silly.


It doesn't really mater if its silly, its an established piece of back story for this charmander. It's also an item that he carries.
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Yes, it does matter if it's silly. Why? Because it sets precedents, and soon enough everyone will be flinging around shizzlemad movesets that don't give no fucks about how things are supposed to work.

Sidestepping the normal rules for powers and abilities is the greatest slippery slope of all time in any sort of RPG. You start to let someone be unique for a less-than-optimal reason, and then you end up with everyone being SUPER SPESHUL SNOWFLEKS -> nobody is unique anymore. I've seen it done far too many times to let it slip by.


Okay, point made and heard. replace them with smokescreen and metal claw.
Simon was here :P


I am very interested in this.

My character is a shiny Espeon named "OH SHIT HE JUST".


OH SHIT HE JUST used Psychic!
OH SHIT HE JUST used Confusion!


But 4real yes let's do this