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Started by Chocofreak13, March 25, 2012, 11:38:09 PM

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Sadly, I didn't get to see it because I was at work :/.  It's been a rough weekend for me there so far, but today's my last day (not period, just for this week, I mean), so I'll have a few days to rest up and just enjoy myself.  Hopefully, they'll still have the whole she-bang on youtube when I'm done with work, so I can take a brief indulgence of nostalgia.

I'm not sure if you've heard, but if you want Toonami back, you can leave feedback at the CN website here:


Just use the dropbox to select Programming -> Toonami, and leave your comments and other info.  Hopefully since CN is bringing back Cartoon Planet, they'll see value in bringing back Toonami for realz (quoting Brak there).

The Choice of a New Generation.


watched the first episode of Azumanga. it feels like someone took scenes from the entire series and cut them all together with no regard to order. though something in me is telling me this IS the first episode. :\

anyone else seen it? developed favourite/unfavourite characters yet? care to discuss? :3


We're now starting? I was waiting for an announcement before I did anything >_<

I'll watch it tonight and share my thoughts


dunno if we were waiting for an announcement or whatever. but i figured i was waiting too long.


So, I watched the first episode; although if there was anything after the credits aside from episode previews, I missed that, as it only loaded up to the start of the credits and gave up :\

As for the show, I remember seeing a few parts of this when I was in Game-X-Change a few months back; during one of the instances where they where not running episodes of Adventure Time or One Piece on the TV behind the counter. I mostly remember seeing the part with Tomo being obsessed with beating Sakaki in a race (Probably my favorite part of episode 1, now that I've seen all of it), which lead to me raiding their shelf of anime DVDs in hopes they had the box set; being let down when I saw they only had volume 1 ;_;

Format wise, it reminds me of Lucky Star; which is a series I loved every minute of. It's a little more disjointed, though, which gives the series an interesting feel to it.

Character wise, my favorite so far is likely Tomo. There's just something about how she makes everything a competition that just cracks me up xD

All in all, I like it so far. I'll watch episode 2 once everybody else is ready; I don't want to be the one getting ahead of everybody else, after all ^_^;;


funny thing is, tomo is actually my least favourite of the bunch thus far. she seems alright enough, but she's just a bit loud for my taste. and her turning everything into a competition would be more endearing if she was less insane about it. ("i don't know the answer either! now we're tied, chiyo-chan. -w-" )

my favourites are sakaki and chiyo, and potentially yomi. :3


Sakaki seems nice :3
Chiyo is hard to not love >w<
I haven't seen enough of Yomi to really form an opinion beyond "girl with glasses :3"


me too on yomi, but considering the potential for craziness here, i think i'm gravitating towards those who are sane. xD

that said, i wonder where everyone else went? :\



i'm suggesting Taisho Yakyuu Musume as the next anime (after Big O) for us to watch. i've been trying to get people besides me to see this series, and it has all the ingredients to become an OSC classic: cute girls, cute girls doing things that cute girls don't normally do, kimonos (and lots of them), nice soundtrack, solid plot with real obstacles and triumphs, and a good, solid ending. is the motion seconded?


Isn't that the one about girls playing baseball? If so, count me in :3


yeah, it's that one. technically the title reveals what the show is all about:
Taisho - The Japanese Taisho Period lasted from 1912 to 1926.
Yakyuu - The Japanese word for Baseball.
Musume - One of the Japanese words for Girl; Musume can be used as a standalone word without being considered rude or out of place, such as the terms Shojo (which, while it means girl, needs to be used in conjunction with another word to get that meaning, making it more of an adjective than a noun; ex: Shojo Manga/"Girls' Comics") or Onna-no-ko (which can be used as a standalone word, but not in a very polite context, as it is akin to shouting "GIRL", as is the root term 'Onna', meaning woman, which is akin to shouting "WOMAN", as in "WOMAN, MAKE ME A SAMMICH". Onna can be used in songs and the like, however, without being considered rude).

(sorry for the grammar lesson, lol. xD)


No problem. Now I know!

...and knowing is half the battle!



So, I just finished ep2 of Azumanga Daioh. Also, Bella and Stew, or at least Bella, should be rejoining us soon :3



i need to watch the second half. i'll be back later. .__.;