Questions Answered about Tokyopop's Downfall

Started by Chocofreak13, March 09, 2012, 03:37:49 PM

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late, yes, but i guess if you want a particular favourite manga series to continue being translated, badger either the creator or an american manga publisher.
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Well good news for us. nice link you shared. i already found this of different sites but not satisfied of that.


necropost much? yeah, tokyopop has ceased all activities in the US but their german branch is still operating. to my knowledge that's the only form tokyopop exists in now.

some of their titles were picked up by other american publishers, and several others are just being brought over by their original publishers (kodansha making the leap over the pond was actually part of tokyopop's downfall). sucks to see them go, given their history (they were the first publisher to put out manga in the R-to-L format!!), but seeing as how they tried to pick up EVERY TITLE UNDER THE SUN, they kinda brought their own downfall.

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