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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 04:02:22 PM

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Game is really f***ing good!

Every person I know who beat it says it is a modern masterpiece but the first half is a bit spotty. It throws you very unknowingly into its world and the plot helps you along well. Gameplay is rock solid with a combat system that let's you play around and make your own combos with light and heavy attacks. It feels a little short if you ignored the side quests but none of the side quests felt tedious at all, they were all a good challenge and tied into the story and lore well. It helps to know a bit about the story of Nier before hand but it isn't necessary.

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Characters 10/10

The thing is when you think you finished the game. You didn't.

As for the crossplay I think I could get away with it with a corset, some makeup, a bra with two socks full of rice or something. That is of course if I buy the costume but there is no way in hell I'm making it myself.


Nice. If I ever have a decent gaming desktop again or a PS4, I'll check it out (As it stands, I think it'd choke on Half-Life 2; I'll consider myself lucky of A Hat in Time will even run at all).

As for the crossplay, there's nothing wrong with buying a pre-made costume; some stores allowing you to custom-order it tailored to your measurements, though it'll take longer since it has to be hand-made. As for the padding for the chest, socks filled with rice seems like a good, cheap alternative to purchasing fake boobs.


Nier actually has an issue where it's takes up more resources then it should.

I first tried to play it on my laptop which had a 2 core hyperthreaded i7 that could turbo to 2.2GHz 16GB or RAM and a GT 745 with a gig of VRAM. I could only get it to run semi-decently at 300x200 with about 30~40 FPS.

My desktop is fine though it has an 4 core hyperthreaded i7 at 3.9GHz 16GB of RAM and a GTX 970. Although I have noticed that I got drops down to 10 FPS once in a rare while.

The game also can't run at true 1080p for some reason without a mod. The mod also supposedly fixes some performance issues but I already beat the game by the time I discovered it.


Wow; I didn't even know a modern game was capable of running that low xD

I suppose, at least it's not as broken as Sonic Adventure DX on Steam; it's honestly impossible to get a perfect score on the Sky Attack stages if you're running the game at a resolution higher than 640x480 (The Dreamcast's native resolution), because your crosshair is too small for the homing attack to function as intended. That was one of many issues the game had; thankfully, there's a fan-made patch called "BetterSADX", which greatly improves the feel of the game.


I have the new Nier game. Two hours into it, but it is fun.


Finally caved and bought Overhype Overwaifu Overwatch. It's a lot of fun, though I've confirmed to myself what I've pretty much suspected: it's only superficially like TF2 and the comparisons/talk of it being TF3 is overblown. 

So far I really like Zarya and Pharah. At first I thought I'd like Mei a lot (as a Pyro main) but I think that was a passing fancy since she lacks the hit-and-run appeal of Pyro. Unusually for a Medic main, I'd rather be on the receiving end of a Mercy than play her. Maybe it's because I'm still a shy n00b who won't voice chat/coordinate very well, but I haven't figured out the healer->healee dynamic like I have in TF2...


You know, I remember getting Overwatch and Firewatch mixed up, due to coming out around the same time and having similar names ^^;;
(TBH, I wouldn't mind trying it, but I suck at multiplayer shooters...and my connection sucks in general)

So, I recently picked up the Steam Controller, and have been playing around with it. It works very well with Rabi-Ribi, and Portal 2 is pretty solid once I adjusted the mouse sensitivity (Although, I prefer mouse + keyboard for shooters). Definitely worth the money, so I have a controller that works with both Windows and MacOS.


I'm a Mercy main, I'm usually pretty quiet in matches unless my teammates are being idiots. I had a friend recently quit because he said it was too toxic, but I think he got high enough in the rankings to get paired with the actually good players who are probably a bit to serious about it.

You can use Mercy offensively if you get good enough at her to know how to make sure no one dies when you do so, you also need to be able to aim perfectly if you want to actually do damage as she doesn't have much attack with that pistol.


Hooray healer mains!

I definitely haven't managed to figure out the team dynamics of OW yet. Part of it is a matter of not being skilled yet, part of it is lack of confidence. I can W+M1/M2 heal/boost people as Mercy but I have no clue how to actually play her in a way that gives my team an advantage, and I don't think I will for awhile.

Hopefully it won't take as long as it did in TF2 - it took me several hundred hours of playing, and getting established in a 'clan' to actually get to a point where I /began/ to understand team dynamics and how to use those to our advantage.


So, I'm starting to consider finally getting a PS4, if I buy a new console this much as I'd love the Switch. Some games I plan to get for it, in order of priority:

- .hack//GU Last Recode (The main thing pushing me to PS4, assuming the Steam version can't run on my iMac)
- Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (No word on requirements for the PC version, and the Wii U version was cancelled)
- Yooka-Laylee (Simply too demanding for my iMac, and the Wii U version was cancelled)
- Nier: Automata (Could almost squeeze by on my iMac, but I've heard it's a badly optimized port)
- Persona 5 (I could play it on my PS3, if nothing else)
- Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy (I have the original trilogy on PS1, though it'd be neat to revisit it with updated graphics)

I mean, the second Bandai confirmed the HD remaster of .hack//GU was not only happening, but getting a US release, I began to consider a PS4 much more than I have since I got my tax return earlier this year...and ultimately decided "I'm going to AB". Although, I hope the PC version can run on my iMac without issue; I would like to begin saving for AB next year ^^;


I bouhgt a Switch at launch.  Incredibly disappointed in Breath of the Wild, even though everyone else I know who's played it says it's the best game ever.  I just don't find it as compelling as, say, Twilight Princess, or an Elder Scrolls game.  Plus the fragile-as-glass weapons annoy the hell out of me.  I've barely touched it since I got it.

I recently bougt an Xbox One, mostly playing Skyrim Special Edition (despite owning it on PC) and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
Red_Machine: Flouting the Windows Lifecycle Policy since 1989!


I almost bought BOTW for my Wii U earlier, but ultimately used the money to put more RAM into my iMac, to run some of the games I bought during the Steam Summer Sale. Speaking of, my haul so far:

- Disgaea 2 PC (I no longer own a PSP, and wanted to start over from scratch, so this was perfect)
- Freedom Planet (Heard it's similar to classic Sonic games, so I decided to give it a try)
- Sonic Adventure 2 (I sold off my Dreamcast edition to help fund repairs on my iMac, so it only seems fitting)


BOTW took some getting used to coming from Skyrim and what not (especially with the weapons breaking) but I eventually stopped looking for the things I liked about those games in it and just looked at it as it was. But I will say as a guy who has the obsessive drive to collect all items in a game, breaking weapons and no storage annoys the hell out of me. After getting through a couple of the shrines I really felt the game pick up as its own thing. I liked it.

My Dreamcast only has pirated games... Real games cost too much... Also Rainbow Cotton is like impossible to get in the US.


Indeed on Dreamcast; it's nowhere near as expensive as Saturn, but it can still get pricey for some of the best games (Shenmue, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, etc.), and some have better versions on other platforms (Phantasy Star Online, etc.).


So, pardon the double post, but I ultimately decided to bite the bullet and sell off my Wii U and obtain a PS4; just to ensure I can play .hack//GU Last Recode, among other games (Nier Automata, Yooka-Laylee, etc.)

So far, all I have for it is:
- Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (My bro-in-law highly recommended it, and I love me some Digimon)
- Shovel Knight (Had it on my Wii U, and never got to finish it)