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Dreamcast Thread.

Started by Alex_Reetz, August 10, 2011, 03:05:42 AM

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Why, that's just an early model of the WiiU.



I was expecting to see Yuyuko when I clicked the thread open.

I've´╗┐ never played anything on Dreamcast, on Saturn I've played a total of 1 hour of game that I don't remember the name of.


I used to have a Dreamcast, although the only games I really liked on it where the two Sonic Adventure games and Phantasy Star Online V2


I am trying to make a novice dreamcast collection. so far, i got 15 genuine games, every game ever made for the dreamcast ripped,the vga adapter, the sd adapter, all accessories except the broadband adapter, maracas, and train controller. if anyone has any dreamcast stuff they want to sell; let me know :D


My brother either has a Dreamcast or a Saturn.... I forget which. /randominfo


If it's black, it;s a Saturn.  If it's grey, it's a Dreamcast.
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I've never actually seen it, it's in storage or some such.


my cousin ryan had a dreamcast. before the family fell apart me and my sister used to sleep over his house, and i remember seeing it and wanting to try it really bad (never did). :[
to this day i wonder where ryan is, how he's doing, and if he still has the dreamcast. xD


I have aa Dreamcast!!! bought it not long ago pretty cheap and already got 3 games (Shenmue, ChuChu Rocket and Virtua Fighter 3tb)
Loving it a lot.... also the ability to play cd-roms is nice :D
A real pity IMO that this system never got the attention it deserved.


are dreamcast games rare? :\ and if so, what's the degree of rarity? are we talking N64 rare or atari rare?


In my experience, while they aren't as common as either one you mentioned, there's also not as much demand for them, meaning Dreamcast stuff is generally easy to find at a reasonable price. You can usually pick up just the system with a memory card and Sonic Adventure for less than the cost of an N64 with Super Mario 64


ah, ok. maybe i'll ask for one for christmas or my birthday next year. :3


You guys are looking for Dreamcast games?  I can probably still get you some from the secondhand store.