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Favorite TV Shows

Started by Nichi, May 29, 2011, 08:46:21 PM

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Because I'm surprised there isn't already a topic on this subject*, I decided to make a topic for us to talk about the TV shows we like; both past and present, live action or animated
*I have a feeling there is probably a topic just like this one buried somewhere on here, but I don't feel like digging around to find it and then preform topic necromancy, so...

Of current TV shows, one of the ones I regularly follow is Warehouse 13; which I've watched since it premiered back in summer '09. For those who may not know about it, I'll gladly explain: the show is about a group of people who work at a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, who are given the task of locating and retrieving dangerous artifacts to be stored away. The show as a whole is pretty good; with a sense of adventure and humor that sadly seems absent from most other Syfy Original Series I've tried to watch over the past few years (Most of their original series try to be dark and gritty like the '04 reboot of Battlestar Galactica, which I don't care much for to be honest).

As for a classic TV series I like, I just have 4 words for you: Monty Python's Flying Circus. This show shouldn't need an introduction, so I'll cut to the chase and say that this show is timeless; what's not to love?


Flying circus, well, cheers to that.

And series...what, you mean aside from Doctor Who?

Nothing atm, actually...might start up Fringe again sometime, tho.


I've heard my sister's father-in-law make a bid deal about Fringe. Is it any good?

Also, I would have brought up Doctor Who, but seeing as everybody here already knows of it, I didn't see a need...unless I just felt like talking about my experience when I first watched it.


the only current tv shows i have labeled as 'favourite' are Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Dr. Who. I also watch alot of Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Who's Line is it Anyway? ^^

out of past shows, there's The Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, Code LYOKO, Invader Zim, and a few others.

already mentioned my great disappointment with "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". :\
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@Choco: You liked Code Lyoko too? I loved that show; it pissed me off when Cartoon Network dropped it with only 7 episodes left before it was finished.

One show that I did like way back in '02 was The Screen Savers. It was a show on the now sadly-defunct TechTV, which featured tech tips, tricks, and news, with hosts who you could tell had fun doing the show. I was hooked on this show; although they occasionally did do a segment or interview that made me go "wut?" (Like when they interviewed J-Lo because she briefly mentioned Google in her newest movie), they still had some pretty cool segments (My favorite always being "The Twisted List"; a weekly top 10 list of the weird but funny things they found online, such as stupid time-waster games). However, I stopped watching in '04; after several of the people I liked from the show left and the show began gravitating away from technology toward being whatever the hell they felt like talking about...and from there, it was renamed Attack of the Show; which is still running to this day.


-Battlestar Galactica (the remake)
-The Office (US)
-Arrested Development
-Flight of the Conchords
-Family Guy
-The Simpsons (at least the 1990s episodes, it went downhill after 2002-ish or so)
-Criminal Minds
-Law & Order SVU
-Doctor Who
-The Daily Show
-The Colbert Report
-Whale Wars


-pawn stars
-operation repo
-world's dumbest
-spongebob squarepants
-Lotte's toy
-Ano no mita


my friend likes world's dumbest, and i watch it with her on occasion (we do the same with who's line pretty much every day).

i love pawn stars, american pickers, and american restoration, too. :3
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@Bella: I never could get into the '04 Battlestar Galactica; I've preferred the original '78 series


@Pentium: Never seen the original BSG, so I can't comment... I really liked the '04 series though. (Kara Thrace and Gaius Baltar are like two of my favorite characters ever. Especially Baltar.) ^w^

I like Pawn Stars and American Pickers too...

And since cartoons were mentioned, one of my favorite "kids shows" (though I suppose that's dubious) is Adventure Time. It is hypnotically strange. *_____*


I've tried watching Adventure Time before; after seeing some people on GameFAQs going crazy over it. It's alright, but not really my cup of tea.

Another show I like is Freakazoid. I love how completely off-the-wall that show it; it being one of my favorite shows as a kid for the fact it felt like a spoof of Batman, and I still enjoy it now because I catch some of the jokes that went over my head as a kid (Which is the reason why my mom wouldn't let me watch Animaniacs until I was older...although my dad had no problems with it).


ooo, adventure time.  the cartoon that's not really for kids. ^^ that one's good, as is chowder and flapjack (the last two just for the "lolwut?")
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I never watched Flapjack, and couldn't stand Chowder from the previews I saw of it (I was more inclined to watch Xaviar: Renegade Angel; another show that's previews turned me away from trying it)


oh god, xaviar? eeww, i stayed away from that one. ><;;

also, chowder is a wee bit dumb, but cute, and a little funny. give it a chance before you kill it with fire. :3

(yeesh, i'm a hypocrite. :\)
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I might give it a chance, although I'm not expecting much; since it just looks like they're trying to bring back the "gross-out humor" fad of the early '90s