Forum Games: What would you prefer?

Started by Pitkin, May 05, 2011, 04:41:41 PM

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Homemade :3

WWYP: Cinnamon waffles or plain waffles?


cinnamon-vanilla-honey waffles since i toss in whatever looks good. nutmeg? ginger? brown sugar? WHY THE HELL NOT

wwyp: Finn and Jake or Fiona and Cake?
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Fiona & Cake :3

WWYP: Mr. Coffee or Mr. Tea?


Mr. T.  (Side note: If Square Enix decides to bring Baron in for KH3, get Mr. T for the English Dub of Baron.)

What Would You Prefer?  Resident Evil 1's bad voice acting, or Mega Man X7's voice cast?

I hope your ready!


(@spence: No no no no no no no non nien nada nope. NO!
No baron, no. Lexaeus was bad enough)
Neither, haven't played either one.

WWYP: No breakfast or no dinner
Simon was here :P


No breakfast. I typically don't eat breakfast, so...

WWYP: No ice in your drink, or a full cup of ice in your drink?


no ice, i don't like ice in my drinks.

wwyp: mint soup or vegetable tea?
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Mint soup. Sounds interesting :3

WWYP: Coca-Cola Blak or Pepsi Blue?


coke every time, though if that's a diet pne i'll skip it.

wwyp: subtitles irl or everyone/everything (including you) suddenly being/speaking a new language?
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Subtitles. Would come in handy when I can't really understand a person

WWYP: A yellow submarine, or a flying boat car?


flying boat car, obv.

wwyp: losing one of your special skills or stealing one from a close friend?
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The former

WWYP: Smaller boobs or larger boobs? >w>;;


I can actually honestly say that I don't really give a damn. Size isn't the defining parameter for quality there - those are a multitude of others. In terms of occurrence, those are seen commonly less in larger ones.

WWYP: Learning by watching or learning by reading?


it really depends on the activity....for example, i learn more about drawing from reading than observation, but more about cooking from watching than reading. if i HAVE to choose one, though, book learnin'~

wwyp: too tired to do the stuff you want or being awake when you shouldn't be?
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The latter

WWYP: The OP to Soul Eater, or the OP to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?