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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 12:46:49 PM

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aaah. sorry, i'm just sick of downloading pics and then discovering we already have them. >__<;

the interesting thing about all the music i've downloaded, is that it's music that almost no one in this country cares about. you don't see the government running to arrest me for downloading a copy of Perfume's 2003 single "Sweet Donuts". :\


Same thing with some of the stuff I have. I'm sure I'll sooner get in trouble for downloading one song by Led Zeppelin before I get in trouble for downloading the entire discography of T-Ride (Which literally amounts to one CD; since they didn't really go over well. A shame, because they where awesome)


at this point, i think the government has bigger fish to fry than a couple'a nerds downloading some obscure mp3s. :\


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Anyway, my mentioning of T-Ride brings me to my next favorite song; Luxury Cruiser, by T-Ride

It was noteworthy for being one of T-Ride's few claims to fame; as this song was on the soundtrack to Encino Man. Also, this served as the theme to my other car (The one that replaced the one I'm stuck driving again) before it suffered critical existence failure. That car was awesome; it was a 4-door subcompact hatchback that could have used a new coat of paint and was very fuel efficient while being fully capable of blowing the doors off a sparkly new Mustang when needed.

EDIT: As a note, the video I linked to containing the song is unfortunately low quality; it's listenable, but it doesn't do this song justice


that car sounds like the beast. the beast was a legend. -w-


Yeah, that little Dodge Omni had quite a bit of power in it; there's a reason my nickname for it was the Silver Bullet


lol. the beast (aka Emo Car) was my mom's old Subaru wagon. got great gas mileage, had LOTS of room, and was great for beach trips. survived a couple crashes, even had black duct tape around the lights (hence the "Emo Car"). that thing got my sister to Connecticut and back, in a snow storm, one one tank of gas. -w-


The Silver Bullet had a long history in my family; being bought used by my great uncle, then going from person to person until it found it's way to me...where, following a catastrophic brake failure, it met it's unfortunate end.

However, Two Ton Paperweight (My other car; a '74 Dart) still lives, as much as I've come to hate it in recent months


at least you have a car. my sister could use one. :\

i have the SVU theme song on my ipod. Favourite show = favourite song?


Do we need a car thread?  Since they keep coming up?

I want to throw in a shout out to The Men They Couldn't Hang here, for being a kickass Irish folk-punk band who write songs about the Battle of Cable Street, 1984 Miners Strike, and World War I.


they sound like a badass group. -w-

already mentioned Blue Öyster Cult. -w-


Another song I like is There's Only One Way to Rock, by Sammy Hagar.

That is the song that introduced me to rock and metal, at the young age of 3; hearing the song while riding in my dad's car. It blew my mind; it was like the Power Rangers theme song, but turned up to 11 in terms of everything. Even years later, I still like that song; now that I actually know what the song is about.


when i think back to my childhood, the songs i can remember are by:

Bob Marley
Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks (?)


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As for me, the songs I remember the most from my childhood (Limiting it to stuff I heard during the '90s) are by:

- Hanson
- Marcy Playground
- Blackstreet (No Diggity)
- Backstreet Boys
- Sammy Hagar (Of course; being my introduction to rock, leading to a majority of the rest of the stuff here)
- Queen
- Eric Clapton
- Molly Hatchet
- Led Zeppelin
- ZZ Top

(EDIT: Took me two times to get this right; as I'd click Save and realize something wasn't quite right)


lol, ya always remember new stuff. xD

2 songs i remember from my childhood are "I'll Be Missing You" and "Ghetto Supastar". i hung out with my cousins alot when i was little, and they loved rap. :3
i listened to some Eminem when i was young, too. :3