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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 11:46:49 AM

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I dont care what anyone says, Rascal Flatts-I'll be home for Christmas, it the best Christmas song ever.
Simon was here :P


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Of course it doesnt really help that I dont have access to youtube.
Simon was here :P


school PC or poor connection? :\
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Not to interrupt the Christmas music battle, but something I just thought about...

Has anyone else ever listened to a song they heard as a kid, and realize the song is a lot dirtier than it initially seemed?

This came about when listening to the '90s station at work; as I heard Christina Agulara's Genie in a Bottle for the first time in forever. As a kid, I heard it and thought "oh cool; a song about genies"...and then I hear it as an adult and I'm like "WOW. MUCH INNUENDO. VERY SEX" -w-;


@choco: the answer is yes.
Simon was here :P


The 90s were pretty crazy now that you think back on it...


@nej: yeah, god i miss it.... -w-
@simon: ouch.
@pent: i loved that song as a kid but all the parents hated it for the bad message. tbh i was savvy enough when it came out to know how dirty the line "you gotta rub me the right way" was, but i wasn't listening to it for the message or the lyrics, i was listening to it because Christina Agulera is an amazing fucking singer and the song was super, SUPER catchy. *dances*

lately i have been on a massive she kick, after torrenting the discography. it's a sophisticated sort of techno i'd picture listening to while sipping tea in the city on a rainy day. some of the songs are just so beautiful it's as if the guy took watercolours or stardust or that warm, tingly feeling you get when you're happy and turned it into audio. wow. much eargasm. so transcend.

have a few sample tracks:

destination luna4

in time (i have a comic planned after Ace's High; this is now the opening to its non-existent anime that i will someday make in flash)


autumn in space


day 5


tokyo nights

circuit lover

orbit (the future project i mentioned would use this in its fake anime at some point as background music)


niji no kawa


atomic (first she song i ever had)


generic eric

elemental nights



yeah yeah beats





a gentle breeze

click a few and see what you like. my favourites of this list are in time, orbit, moonlight, autumn in space, circuit lover, and atomic. yeah yeah beats, destination luna4 and day 5 are really good, too. ^^
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I need to listen to that one song you sent me -w-;;

Also, I liked that song as a kid; mostly because the innuendos went over my head (As mentioned, I thought "oh cool; genies"), and amazingly enough, mom never objected to it -w-;


So I forgot to mention that while we were in Farmville, we went out to eat and as we enter the resturaunt what starts playing but
Hey Ladies.  Get funky brother.


all that's coming to mind stew is 
this song i heard in a steakhouse one time. xD;
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You know, random thought that made me want to revive this topic: What are some of your favorite albums, and why? I figured I'd share a few of mine, in no real order:

- Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd - 1975)
While The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, the other two albums by them that I own, are great in their own rights, I'd have to say that Wish You Were Here is probably the best. I mean, really cool yet simple cover art aside, the album itself is very well assembled; it just works on so many levels, and is enjoyable to listen to each time. Also, there's something satisfying about an album that bookends itself (The first and final songs tie into each other)

- Steal This Album! (System of a Down - 2002)
This is another case of great cover art... in that it technically doesn't have one; the disc is designed to look like a CD-R with the album's title written on it. Of the entire discography of SOAD, this album is easily my favorite, with the follow up album Mesmerize being in a close second. I mean, what other album is going to have a war protest song and a song about sending a groupie to buy pizza while the band's watching baseball?

- Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin - 1971)
First off, This cover art is really simple, and yet, it works so well for this album. As for the songs, the one song everybody knows from it is Stairway to Heaven; a good song, yes...but the rest of the album is so damn good that it's definately worth a listen for more than just the big hit. I mean, their cover of classic blues song When the Levee Breaks is easily one of my favorite songs from them, and Four Sticks has a very unique rythim to it that is unlike any other song I've heard.

- Painkiller (Judas Priest - 1990)
First off, I must say: This album art is amazingly over the top. You see a metallic angel flying over the ruins of a city while riding on a dragon-shaped motorcycle with circular saw blades for wheels, along with the Judas Priest logo in the corner, and you know you're in for some epic rocking. Just, every song on this album works; it's wall-to-wall metal from start to finish...and the song Hell Patrol would end up being the name of the faction of villains in a story I wrote, just because it sounded cool.

- Bat out of Hell trilogy (Meat Loaf- 1977, 1993, 2006)
Honestly, it's hard for me to pick just one, so I'll go over the entire trilogy.

All three albums have some of the coolest artwork of all time, and in all honesty, they sound as awesome as they look. As for my thoughts, having listened to all 3 back-to-back, I will say the first is classic, the second is pretty good but not as good as the first, and the third, while a favorite of mine and what got me into Meat Loaf to begin with, has one major flaw in my eyes: they should have saved the duo of Monstro and Alive as the album's grand finale, instead of dumping them at the album's half-way point and instead having Cry to Heaven as the final track.


i can't think of many albums i have twanging nostalgia over the way you do, so i can't write a good follow-up post in that regard. i like your synopsis(s) though, and in return, rather than albums, i'll offer my thoughts on some of my favourite artists' best musical years (in my eyes)

Green Day: 1990 - 2003

Green Day stands as one of my favourite bands of all time, so i will say nothing to slander their name (ever). however, if i am to narrow down their sound to what i think was their high point, i would pick the 90's. my favourite Green Day song stands as At The Library (first released on 39/Smooth in 1990; re-done and re-released in various forms/on various albums till 1995), because of the catchy riff, excellent harmony on the chorus, adorably relatable lyrics and grunge sound. Green Day's early years were coming off the punk era and into the grunge, which may be why there's a bit of overlap between the two in the band's early years. time went on and they released Dookie (1994), Nimrod (1997), and Warning (2000), which contain some of the band's most quintessential tracks, such as "Basket Case" and "When I Come Around" (Dookie); "Hitchin' a Ride", "The Grouch", "Redundant", "King For a Day", and "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" (Nimrod); and "Warning", "Misery", "Deadbeat Holiday", "Minority", and "Macy's Day Parade" (Warning). American Idiot, their grand revival album from 2003, is how most modern fans remember the band, and i also remember it fondly ("Jesus of Suburbia" remains as one of my favourite songs, mostly due to a part at the end, around 8:00), but it was around this point when they were really rocketed into mainstream success, and while this is excellent (as they make money and get more exposure), it glazes over their past musical styles and achievements in favour of what will air best. they tend to only stick to the fringes of this idea, but it's been many, MANY moons since we've heard anything even REMOTELY grunge-y out of them.
most people will remember Green Day by what they're doing today, but i like to think of them as the way they were back then. ^^

(will update post later with more, i need to go clean)
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In addition to the favorite albums I've mentioned before: Since I Left You by The Avalanches. I've actually had it in iTunes for ages but it took me awhile to appreciate the whole thing...

Also, any of Tokyo Active NEETs' Touhou Bakuon Jazz albums.

Probably OT, but: what role does an artist's personality/personal life play, or NOT play, on your opinion of an artist/group?


Not that much. I mean, while I'm not fond of Ted Nugent as a person, I will say he has made some pretty good songs.