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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 12:46:49 PM

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Simon was here :P<br />




i know the topic has been covered before, but any of you guys like techno/electronica? synth-pop? synth-classical? i torrented all (well, i THINK all) of the various Homestuck soundtracks to date and decided to start listening to them (31 albums, 689 songs total). ik most (okay, all) of you aren't really into Homestuck, so i was wondering if anyone wanted to give the albums a try. they run the gambit of beautiful piano tracks to music boxes to synthesized wonderlands(or, in the case of a few tracks, demonic children's music). no 2 songs or albums are alike, making it hard to pin down a particular genre on any one (and some of them have upwards of 50+ or even 70+ songs) outside of perhaps Homestuck for the Holidays, and even that has a pretty wide span.

lemme know if anyone's interested, i can post a few YT links to some of my favourites if you like.


I'm always game for new music! Maybe post links to a few of the electronic tracks? :3


I had a nice response written for this but Firefox ate it. >:z

These were good! My favorites of the group are Walls Covered In Blood, Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse (do I even want to know the meaning behind this title?), Lotus Land Story, Jane Dargason, White, I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew and Descend. :3


did you begin the torrent? i'll post a few more vids tomorrow. ^^

also, i have no idea the logic behind the names of the songs. considering few to none of these are actually PLAYED in the game/comic/whatever, i can only assume they were either nonsense or some SUPER-obscure reference that only someone who's played to current 3 times will get. >>;

on the other hand, some of the titles make sense (read: Maplehoof's Adventure), and Homestuck IS pretty random, so it could just be a mad lib title. :\

(also, how did i know you'd like Jane Dargason? tbh it reminds me of you a little bit. >w> though i am surprised you liked the Midnight Crew one and Lotus Land Story, i had you pegged as liking Lotus more. :0
there's a 3rd version of Lotus that i've yet to listen to. i'll post a link tomorrow. :3 )


I also want to revise my list of favorite entire albums because I accidentally left off Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska.  Probably because I'm a dour person but all the songs on there really just strike a chord in me.