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Favorite Song?

Started by CanaryTan, January 30, 2011, 11:46:49 AM

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I'm the same way, actually. If I'm feeling a little sad, and happen to hear a sad song, it'll often make me feel worse


Particular moods are why I have different playlists set up.


i used to have playlists, but they took up too much time, and i didn't feel like recreating them when i moved all my music over to a new computer. they were mostly for roleplaying purposes anyway. :\
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I have some playlists, but they exist mostly for preparing future mix CDs. I've never gotten around to making any for my iPod


currently listening to "When the Day is Rainy" by KISH (aka that song from the depressing luna animation on DA).

the only existing playlists i have are the one for my FLELE (which this song is a part of), "untitled playlist (aka my ipod's music) and "Stuff Mr. Barret doesn't want me to listen to" (which was made in direct defiance to my teacher's dislike of metal music).
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Quote from: PentiumMMX on October 11, 2011, 10:25:54 PM
I'm the same way, actually. If I'm feeling a little sad, and happen to hear a sad song, it'll often make me feel worse

Ironically, I'm the opposite. I like to listen to neutral/sad/dark songs when I'm feeling down, and upbeat or happy stuff when I'm feeling good. Listening to cheery music only makes me feel worse if I'm not feeling so great already...

I don't do playlists.... actually, I tend to try to listen to albums in their entirety, or just leave iTunes on shuffle and skip past songs until I find one I want to listen to.


I agree with Bells here. When I'm sad I prefer quiet, rather sad songs, often curl up in bed. It is during those times that I cry often, but sometimes the crying helps a little. One thing that always stays the same is that in these moments I rather desperately wish for a (sadly non-existent) girlfriend to be there and hold me. Just someone who'd say "I'm here, it's alright".

Happiness = happy music too ^^


I'm with the Mood=Music camp here. Though there is some utility in using music to CHANGE your mood as well...


@Paul: That's so sad that you don't have a gf, and a bit confusing too ... you're smart, musical and creative, girls tend to love those traits in guys. :/

Anyway... I really like this song atm

It's kind of stuck in my head though. >v>;


i believe i mentioned my take on music vs mood, but i'll clarify so i'm relevant:

sad music + seeds of sad mood (ie: my current mood after last saturday) = potent sad mood (the more sad songs in a row, the sadder the mood)
happy music + seeds of happy mood (ie: my mood after getting my dollfie) = potent happy mood (" ")

the  whole "a certian song can make me this mood" only works in extreme cases, like with the song "Cancer" by My Chemical Romance, which will make me sad 95% of the time.

more often than not, my mood affects what i want to listen to, though the preceding song can effect it too. i'm a chronic shuffler and song skipper, so this is semi-important in music choice.

example: listening to the song "Strawberry Fields Forever' should not be followed by "Eleanor Rigby" (unless it's a Beatles binge, which hasn't happened yet).
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As mentioned before, I'm the same way.

Like, if I'm feeling a little down (Example: In July, during the "emotional confusion" phase of my summer-long saga), a sad song will often make me feel worse (Example: System of a Down's Roulette), while if I'm in a really good mood (Example: In September, when I passed the GED), a triumphant song will make me feel even more awesome (Example: Iron Maiden's Losfer Words (Big 'Orra))

However, certain songs regardless of how I'm feeling can effect my mood; like how Iron Maiden's Judas Be My Guide will make me depressed (Not because of the song itself, but the bad memories now tied to it), while DragonForce's Through the Fire & Flames almost never fails to reignite my fighting spirit (Especially if I get up and do air guitar to it, regardless of how silly I may look to everyone else).

Unless a certain song I don't feel like hearing right now comes up on my iPod, I don't skip too much; I just set it to shuffle and go about my day, no matter if I end up going from Hare Hare Yukai to the Dethklok song, Hatredcoptor.


i think DragonForce will ignite fighting spirit regardless of mood or who you are. :\ it's like "We Will Rock You" only after about 5 bottles of Bawls. :\
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Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones.


I have a lot of "sad" songs in my collection, but there are only a few that can actually make me feel depressed. The Long and Winding Road is probably at the top of that exclusive list.

As for songs that make me happy... a lot of Jonathan Richman and/or The Modern Lovers songs cheer me up. I don't think I can get through I'm a Little Dinosaur or New England without breaking into a grin at least once...

Last February when I was feeling (more) depressed, I listened to the album The King of Limbs when it was first released and it managed to comfort me somewhat. I wouldn't go as far to say it made me happy, but it was like the musical equivalent of being wrapped in a big warm blanket (which was a fairly large departure from pretty much anything else Radiohead has done).

Anyone else here into electronica? Or indie?
(I ask because I've liked indie for years, and have recently started to get into electronic music, particularly intelligent dance and folktronica...)


The only indie band I know of and follow is Sons of Albion; an up-and-starting hard blues band from England. They only have about 3 songs out the last time I checked, but they are a damn good band regardless. I suggest looking them up sometime