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Law Advice

Started by svx, November 27, 2010, 01:40:13 AM

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So, I uh... went to the hospital earlier, to the E.R. for chest pain...

I wound up being put on morphine and monitored for several hours, along with a CT scan and all sorts of stuff.  But, prior to all that, the doctor outright threatened to not treat me and to leave me suffering in pain if I didn't start showing him respect and stop calling him "dude".

I understood the sentiment, but I was blacking out at the time... I didn't know who I was talking to or what was going on around me...  So it was a real ordeal, and he made me beg him to treat me while two of the nurses looked on from behind him apologetically.

I kind of guess the OS-Tan forums aren't the right place to ask, but doesn't anyone know if this kind of stuff is illegal?  At the time, my heart rate was intense, and I was being closely monitored in case I had a seizure or something while this douche was lecturing me about how I need to show him some respect or else he'd walk off.

I wound up begging him to treat me, unfortunately.  It's pretty damned embarrassing to admit it, but what choice was there?


I have to admit before anything else that I don't know the law exactly, but every doctor is basically bound by the medical ethics, which include but are not limited to:
-the dignity of the patient,
-acting in the best interest of the patient, and
-doing no harm.

The third one is probably not actual here as I guess they make a difference between not doing anything and doing harm, but the dignity of the patient is in question if you were made to practically beg for treatment for calling the doctor "dude". The doctor's intention to act in the best interest of the patient is also a bit dubious if he actually threatened to leave you without treatment.

All the points in the medical ethics code are of course very open to interpretation and further, I don't know how much the law is concerned with the age-old code, so this might not be of any help at the end, but you definitely have the right to not feel good about that. ._.


That's some damn asshat of a doctor...

I suppose slander would be your best shot (or a regular sue) but I'm not the family jurist, that's my brother - and he's in Swedish law anyway...

But it definitely sounds like enough of an ass move to warrant an infraction, it does.


You shouldn't have been put through that.  You have to either report him to his superiors or the general medical council.
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i'm pretty sure that's illegal. doctors get called MUCH worse and they treat people anyway. how old was this guy, 80? he needs to lighten up.

i just asked my mum, she confirms that that was illegal. it goes against his hippocratic oath.
i don't think you'd get much out of a lawsuit (you could TRY, but it feels like it'd be a waste of your time). if i were you, i'd report him to the medical board of the hospital you went to for misconduct. it sounds like the power went to the pompus ass's head. it's time for him to retire.


Thanks for the answers!

Ehh, I'm not aiming to sue the guy or anything.  I have no idea what his situation was, but the man definitely left me feeling without any dignity...

I have his name due to him writing a prescription after I was released, so I suppose the best I can do is contact the hospital / his superiors and just tell them frankly that I'd like an apology or something.

The way he treated his nurses was uncalled for too... Erm, his age though?  The guy seriously looked like Wolf Blitzer from CNN. Kentucky accent. Ugh.


Look him up on facebook. Ezmodo. -w-


lol, you got owned by colonel sanders? xD