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Started by Chocofreak13, October 24, 2010, 02:04:35 PM

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do you think it's worth it to unplug when your laptop's battery is at 100% charge?

i've been hearing that it's bad for the battery. speedy's been through so much that i'm nervous about this (any other time i'd just shrug it off). besides, if the battery craps out, i'm not sure i'd have the cash for a new one.

i have a reason for keeping it plugged in--the backlight in the screen turns off to save power if it's not. i suppose i could adjust the power settings, but 1. i'm not sure it's a windows thing and 2. it's easier just to maintain the charge. also, i keep a cooling pad underneat speedy, so the battery doesn't have to worry about too much heat.

is this a guilty thing, or is it something so small i can ignore it and not lose any sleep?



Take the battery out and only use it when you need the portability.  It's what I do.
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Same, I just happened to score a new laptop from a company whom didn't want it. Take the battery out when I'm not moving because the battery will last longer.


thankyou ^^ i'll try to make that a habit...


Yeah I need to do that too. I need to pick up a new battery for my laptop but eeeeeugh $110USD. And my laptop is a sager, so I won't be able to find any third-party replacements. Not that I'd trust a third-party battery, anyway...