An RPGMaker RPG, and awkwardly hilarious commercial

Started by Quantum, August 10, 2010, 03:17:52 PM

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If anyone gives a damn, I'm working on an RPG.  It's not necessarily a serious project, and in fact started as an experiment.  I had originally planned it to be entirely oriented around OS-tans and viruses, but it didn't take too long to realize that it'd take far longer than a 30-day trial period to make all of the custom sprites and tilesets...

It's heavily FFXIII-inspired, containing music from it, and borrowing concepts like Eidolons (if you don't know, they're like godlike beings who pop up and fight you when you're considering giving up to make you get your shit together or DIE).  It as of now lacks a name and is still short.  I'm planning on making the bosses later from other games IWBTG-style, just for shi's and gig's.  I'm considering it to still be an alpha, but if you want to play it I'll send it to you.

Next, the funniest commercial was on today, and let me just say that someone of the intended audience wouldn't see the comedy in it.  I (and probably any of you) was Le-Mowing (read: LMAOing)

It was for Lay-goez (read: Legos).  It goes a little something like this:
Some kids are playing basketball (note the part about them being kids), when SUDDENLY... something crawls over the backboard.  So one of them calls... I don't know, 911 or something and says: "THE TENTACLE MONSTER IS BACK!"

>=O Are you kidding?!  Who the hell thought that up?  The rest of the commercial just plugs the product, but still!  Did it come back to rape them or what?  I'm sorry, but it makes me wonder who thought of that commercial!!  I'm not kidding; it sounds like the setup for... well, any tentaciel fanfic ever.

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