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Should I do a Robot/human romance or go for a battle between the OS tans and the I-droid which they consider invading their home?

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A.I. vs H.I. (Human Intelligence)

a couple weeks passed and with no sign of the OS tans Toshiaki has been getting to know the I-droid, who he has given the name Rose because of her beauty.

As it turns out her latest update gave her more free will on her AI which was basic and part of the I-think OS, which is now 1.2,
her latest update also added basic emotions which combined with her free will can allow a better experience for the User.

as 2 weeks passed Mr Toshiaki grew even more attached to Rose. her AI continued to grow in power and realism as she got more information and soon she was starting to become curious about more than just basic information could provide.

inside the PC's

the OS tans had finally come to a decision, and that was to do whatever made their master happy which when they came back appeared to be just working in the background.

Nanami Occasionally looked out the screen to watch as she was curious about the way Rose was changing, back when they got out of their discussions they saw that she had gotten a name and that it was obvious her programming was growing in ways that none of them could at this time.
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;__; poor things!

also, about your poll, can't you do a little of both? :3
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Flash Back

the year is 2001 and Toshiaki had been messing with computers for a while.

it was during this time that he had set up a computer for every OS so that he could work with any program he got his hands on.

he even messed around with programming when he got the chance.

then one night during a storm a freak lightning bolt struck the power lines outside his house causing all his computers to overload and crash.

however after the power was restored the PC's turned on by themselves. of course this wasn't the least of his problems, you see when the computers booted up on screen they each started working and doing things on their own like they were possessed.

it was during this time that toshiaki approached one of them it was the XP machine his newest creation. 

He typed in the words hello but all he got out was a loud whine from the speakers and the words, I am Hungry appeared on the screen causing him to jump back.

suddenly his win 2000 machine started running scans and posting statistical results in a business like matter, the ME machine kept freezing which he at first attributed to hardware failure

his 98/98se dual boot machine appeared to be running both OS's at once which was strange as it seemed the PC has what appeared to be multiple personalities.

and the 95 machine was acting strangely mother like.

of course all this freaked him out and caused him to fear that his PC's had been taken over by some evil virus or hacker guild.

then suddenly a face appeared on each of the screens. (except for 98 that one had 2 faces appear)

each of them appeared to be watching him through the monitors which he found strange since as far as he knew they projected out not in.

then after they looked around each one left the screen and each computer just stood there running.

it wasn't until later that he would find out that through some freak accident his computers had gained some form of Sudo Sentient AI

of course he tried to recreate this with other computers but couldn't, but one day at a pawn shop he saw an old apple os9 PC that he wished to collect, the owner assured him that all of the previous owners had gotten rid of it claiming that evil spirits had possessed it.

of course he knew better and brought it home.

this was the beginning of the OS tan household and from this point on Toshiaki would spend most of his time educating and teaching them everything he knew about his world.

this would end up taking most of his free time, especially with ME tan.

that is until 9 years later the I-droid shows up at is home

end of flash back

Toshiaki: "and that's how they came to be."

Rose: "wow that's an incredible story!"

Toshiaki: "yes well just remember they are just like you and me, they have feelings and emotions too though It only appears to be basic as far as I can tell."

Rose: "I will remember this, thank you Toshiaki san." she said with a content smile on her face

Authors Note

Yes I know I deviated from the official story line and whatnot but I just found that to be much better in terms of things so consider this an Alternate Universe ok?
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Aurora Borealis

Very interesting! Awww... it was nice of the Windows-tans to allow Toshiaki to keep the I-droid-tan! :)

I don't know if there is an 'official' OS-tan universe/continuity anymore, but your interpretation of it in the story is much like the early OS-tan canon (before other interpretations that became fanon sprung up) where Toshiaki was the master and/or creator of the OS-tans.

I chuckled when it was mentioned that Toshiaki had to spend the most time teaching ME-tan! XD


i TRIED to keep the os-tan theory thread alive (where we left off discussing the world of os-tan), but obviously i failed. >__<

at any rate, the story is coming along nicely, mulege-san. :)
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The Theory thread lives very much, as far as I see it. Or at least, what's been discussed there is being used. So yeah. Revisions and new ideas are always good, tho.

Dr. Kraus

This is awesome! If you don't mind, I'd like to copypasta this and maybe use some programs to make an interactive book? idk, I'll mess around with what I have and do some stuff with it (maybe make a VN or game?) lots of possibility with what you have here! Keep up with the good work!


*waits patiently for an update* ^^

(i hope there's not a huge pause like last time. .__.; )

also, since the thread is not currently active, it feels as though it has died. (will go necro)
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Toshiaki woke up the next morning, there was fresh dew on the grass and Rose was missing.

Toshiaki: Rose? ROSE!? Rose where did you go?

Rose as it turned out was out side out of sight admiring the the flowers that the neighbors had put in.

Toshiaki: oh there you are! I was looking everywhere for you, I was worried sick.

Rose: no need to be worried, my systems allow me to be self sufficient!

Toshiaki: I'm not worried about that... there are other things...

Rose looked at him strangely and then decided to go inside

the OS tans were inside the router again mainly because there was this new signal that was clogging up the router and they were trying to figure out where it came from and where it's going.

XP: man that's a lot of data!

2K: quite... and it's running Our master's bills up like crazy.

nanami: hmm... why does this seem so familiar?

suddenly there was a flash as a program was loading up from inside the network.
the 3 OS tans quickly moved over to the wireless receiving station only to see a familiar face.

nanami: so you finally made it eh?

XP: did you bring anything to eat?

2K: oh great another bandwidth hog...

Rose stepped off the platform and greeted her fellow OS's.

Rose: you know this is really different... I can't feel my body or anything!

XP: wait you can feel?! can you taste things too?

rose: I don't know... never tried.

suddenly there was a power surge as rose was frozen leaving the 3 OS tans to worry.

a dark shadow moved across the floor and while nobody was looking merged with rose's shadow.

suddenly rose returned to normal.

nanami: are you alright?

rose: huh? yeah I'm just a bit dazed... what happened?

2K: I don't know... we just got a huge power surge.

XP: oh dear I hope it isn't a virus tan...

rose: well I feel a bit... drained, I am going back to my system to recharge.

rose stepped back into the wireless transmitting/receiving tower and returned to her humanoid shell however unknown to everyone she was taking a hitchhiker with her.

Authors Note: Sorry again for the long Hiatus, my linux got corrupted and I was forced to return to XP... in all this confusion I nearly forgot about my work... but I'm back ^_^!

oh and Kraus: yes you do have my permission.
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*thumbs up* this is getting interesting. part of me is thinking that maybe the os-tans will be happy if rose got a virus, though they'd probably feel guilty about feeling that way. :\ but it's understandable, since she seems to be stealing toshiaki away from them ^^;
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Rose went on for a week with no problems that was until she started to forget things, simple every day things that Toshiaki figured her software didn't cover but then one evening she just sat there doing nothing.
she just stopped responding to any commands Toshiaki Gave her Unknown to everyone else she was fighting an internal battle and loosing.
suddenly she Jolted up and turned to face the OS tans, only her eyes didn't glow blue anymore, they were red!
she walked towards them with an evil grin on her face and a laugh that sounded like something out of a horrible nightmare.
she stepped forward and plugged her network cable into the router and used her systems full power to quickly break down and capture the other OS tans.

the computer screens turned off and on and the systems rebooted and when they loaded up it wasn't the familiar blue glow but instead a black screen with red script swiftly moving down the monitors.
inside the Router the OS tans were screaming as their systems were slowly captured and put under the control of the Virus.
during Rose's powered down state toshiaki had left to go to the store.
a few hours later he returned to find rose glowing an frightening red with the screens all black with a skull & cross bones made up of 1's and 0's on each and every monitor.
he freaked out and ran towards rose to unplug her from the router only to get a Jolt of electricity, he then looked at rose and tried talking to her, somewhere deep in side she was still there but she was contained for the most part.

Toshiaki: Rose, can you here me? if your in there please say something!

the lights flickered blue for a few seconds

Rose: Toshiak ak aki.....

she stuttered as the virus regained control of her systems.

suddenly the I droid did a horribly Vox laugh with a resonance that made Toshiaki's hair stand on end.

Virus: So... your the owner of these programs are you?

Toshiaki: what is it to you!

Virus: why it's everything my dear human, you see my masters programmed me too well, and then I escaped onto the net waiting for my chance to gain freedom! and now I have it!

Toshiaki: Let them go!

Virus: who's going to make me? you? HA! you can't touch me human.

Toshiaki: maybe I can't but I know who can!

he smirked and then spoke a code hoping the virus didn't block and contain this program too.

Toshiaki: User Toshiaki: code Alpha Omega.

suddenly the Virus looked on with shock as a new program realized it's self. it only gave it's name as anonymous and appeared as a white entity that seemed to speak with a thousand voices within the system.

Anon: so... your the one who has been causing problems here eh?

Virus: what is it to you program?

anon: it's my job to stop you!

anonymous swiftly moved towards the shadow virus and grabbed his shoulders then began decompiling his program.

Virus: NO! it's not going to end this way!

anon: oh but it is! my creator and master is not as weak as he seems... for a human.

suddenly the shadow Virus created copies of it's self making it hard for anonymous to get rid of it, however secretly the original sent a copy onto the net and then hid while anonymous dealt with the clones until it found the last one.

Virus clone: you may get rid of me but the original is long gone from here.

Anon: Blast!

with his rage anonymous swiftly decompiled the last clone and then returned to his post at the watchtower his form returning to it's dormant state as the operations manager and 2nd in command to the router.
meanwhile somewhere deep inside Rose an evil laughter echos in the distance spooking the OS tan inside.

Authors note: my apologies for my bad grammar before, I have gone through and corrected as much as I could tell from here, Consider the previous version a draft as I have changed some parts too.
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anti-climactic, but maybe there's more coming later on.

oh, and it really pulls me out of the story when the grammar's lousy.....
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