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Should I do a Robot/human romance or go for a battle between the OS tans and the I-droid which they consider invading their home?

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ok well I wrote the first chapter so far so I will post them in the thread if thats ok?  anyway here we go!  ;012

                Windows Tans vs Mac tans the second great war

                                                Chapter 1

Narrators POV

it was a cold rainy day and the windows family had all their systems in sleep mode to protect them from the lightning but something disturbed them and when they woke up they were frightened.  It was dos tan she had been severely injured and the apple logo was left as a calling card.  95_tan was angered the most though she didn't show it... she knew what this meant A second war between the house of apple and the windows family was on the horizon.

All the other OS's who joined after the were over had no experience with fighting apple they just fought off Viru_tan and her hordes of minions.  This in turn caused most of them to fear the unknown.  Even Nanami_tan was unprepared for this.

It was the first of the battles and apple had struck first the next would come when there was a knocking at Mr Toshiaki's door.  It was a box with no markings and it just said This is a gift from a friend... so open it. Toshiaki did as the box said and suddenly a new mac tan arose from the box in some weird kind of  fashion it was almost android like.  This was an Unknown mac tan and it was 3D not 2D like the windows tans.

Mr Toshiaki asked the first question that came to mind. 

"What are you?"
"I am the new I droid."

"I droid?"

"yes I am apples newest development in technology! To bring computers to their users and give them a bond like never before... and you Mr Toshiaki have been chosen as one of the few to own one the first series of I Droids!"

2K_tan knew that apple was playing dirty now they were appealing to the master and she wouldn't stand for that.  95_tan immediately got on her battle armor but due to her lack of knowledge about newer devices she was unable do connect to the I-droid.  Nanami_tan was scared most of all though because even Microsoft who had chosen her as their newest and greatest OS_tan had no Idea what to do in this case so she went into standby and hoped it would be over soon.

Mr Toshiaki was taken by the strange new machine it talked moved and acted like a human but strangely it also acted like a machine...  then I-droid_tan asked to be registered.  Mr Toshiaki obliged but was confused as to where to plug in the monitor so she pulled a cable out from the back of her neck and connected it to the proper port on the screen.  The window style of the OS was really incredible it was simple and complex at the same time and then a registration screen popped up!

Mr Toshiaki filled in the information and then I-droid_tan disconnected her cable allowing it to smoothly slide back into her neck.  Then she turned around and picked up Mr Toshiaki and gave him a hug... something that the OS tans couldn't do because they were trapped inside their computers.  Even apple 9 tan was Jealous but when she tried to connect I-droid_tan's powerful components were too much and she crashed.
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:3 i kinda like it so far.

your grammar bothers me though (grammar/spelling nazi), so just run it through a spell check, and don't forget punctuations. ^^

otherwise, it's interesting. :3
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Aurora Borealis

This sounds interesting. I wonder if that I-droid-tan is based off the iPod/iPhone/iPad, all of which support Windows and vastly outsold Microsoft's own portable products!

So Apple is fighting back, not with weapons, but with propaganda!



Narrator's POV

while Mr toshiaki was studying this new machine there was a beep on one of his machines.  He turned around to find that that most of the OS tans had either shutdown or gone into standby mode.  All except one!

xp_tan: "master Toshiaki!!!"

Toshiaki: "yes Saseko whats the matter?"

xp_tan: "who is that? Did you finally get a girlfriend?"

Toshiaki became angered by this statement.

toshiaki: "no... this is some new device apple sent me..."

xp_tan pointed to the new machine "well she isn't one of us... she is walking around in the outside!"

toshiaki: "well actually she is... sort of... she appears to be a robot with an apple_tan inside."

xp_tan: "well how come she has more ram than I do?"

toshiaki: "what are you talking about?"

xp_tan: "her ram storage it's bigger than mine!"

Toshiaki started having fits of laughter.  "don't worry I checked and she dosn't have 4 gigs of ram like you do... she only has 1"

xp_tan: "im still hungry!"

toshaki: "Saseko relax please she just got here!"

suddenly windows 2000 tan popped up  "I still don't trust her... she is an apple after all and she crashed apple 9 tan over there! One of her own kind!"

I-droid tan gives a funny look because she heard a ping in her mind.

Toshiaki: "well I'm not sure what to make of this honestly hehe could you please just be nice to her... at least for a little while?"

windows 95 tan popped up "I'm sorry master... I can't do that! She is obviously an attempt from the house of mac to take you away now that they have more of a user base."

Mr Toshiaki and the OS tans fought for a while nobody noticing that both windows 7 tan (Nanami) and I-droid tan were missing. The truth is in fact that I-droid tan had gone into another room and Nanami transferred her AI onto a computer screen in that room.  At first they just stared at each other but then I-droid tan finally decided to speak.

i-droid: "you know you don't have to worry... I was sent here because your master was chosen in a kind of random address pick from apple's database."

win-7: "yeah well I don't know what to make of any of this... I used to be the new OS in the room so don't worry everybody will get used to you just as they did for me."

I-droid: "you don't think everybody will be jealous since I can travel with Mr Toshiaki and they are stuck?"

win-7: "I'm not so sure about that one... if you want friends though you might try starting with ME she is one of the least insecure among us."


win-7: "what? Is something wrong?"

I-droid: "I'm not sure yet... I keep getting weird signals from my creators... I'm not sure what it means yet..."
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Quote from: "Chocofreak13":3 i kinda like it so far.

your grammar bothers me though (grammar/spelling nazi), so just run it through a spell check, and don't forget punctuations. ^^

otherwise, it's interesting. :3

I apologize for my grammatical and spelling issues... I do try and triple spell check.  and of course I try and make sure my punctuation is in order.  I hope this new chapter will be more to your liking.
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ok sorry for the long hiatus but I finally have come up with a new chapter!

later that evening Me tan finally unfroze after an attempt to sync with win 7 tan some time earlier and hadn't noticed that there was a new member in the household.
however after scanning the networks she spotted a new device on the router that networked them all together and her curiosity got the better of her.
about five minutes later me tan found Nanami and what appeared to be a girl in the kitchen talking about apple and the Internet and stuff that seemed confusing to her.
within a few seconds she walked in from the left side of the screen and said hi to Nanami.

ME: "hey nanami, who is that?" she said with a curious look on her face

win7: "oh this is our new guest, her name is I-droid and she is an OS like us... sort of..."

me: "really?!" she said with a start "then how is she out there?"

win7: "I'm sure you must know about robots?"

me: "wow! I had no idea!" she said with an excited look "it's nice to meet you Miss I-droid"

win7: "yes well just be careful ME don't go trying to sync up with her like you did me... you know what happened last time..."

me: "yeah sorry about that" me said with a pout "it won't happen again"  "so I-droid tan, what is it like on the outside?"

I-droid: "oh it's not that interesting... the temperature is a constantly changing, and there are a lot of people like Mr Toshiaki"

me: "really?! that sounds really cool!"

I-droid: "yes well it's ok... but it's also kinda lonely out there since there are no others like me."

me: "well you always have us here!"

I-droid: "you know that's a nice thought" she said with a smile "thank you"

it was at this point the windows tans decided to power down for the night leaving the mobile I-droid tan to wander about.

the first thing she did was notice how much of a mess Mr Toshiaki's house was so she activated her cleaning mode and began to tidy up.
of course this came as a shock to everyone when it came time to wake up/power on because I-droid was just sitting there awaiting orders while everything was spotless.
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<3 i love it. great job man, but i wish you'd check in more often. to be honest, you took so long that i had completely forgotten about this ^^;
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to be honest I forgot about it too... however after re reading it and with all my new experience at writing various other stories I just couldn't let this one go  8)  so to make up for my mistake, here is another update!

it was the morning and everyone awoke to a really big shock, Mr Toshiaki's home was spotless, everything sparkled like it had been cleaned at the molecular level.
this came as a shock to the OS tans as they couldn't do the same for their master due to being trapped inside the computers.

Toshiaki: "I-droid, did you do all this?"

I-droid: "hm? oh yea... sorry it was just so messy!"

Toshiaki: "no no it's ok I'm actually really glad you did this"

I-droid: "well I want to be useful to Mr Toshiaki" she said with a big smile on her face

win 2K: "oh so now your trying to take our master away from us by cleaning everything?! is that it?!"

I-droid: "no no that's not it at all! I just want to be useful like everyone else here."

win 2k: "yeah well you did a pretty good job of that" she said with a sarcastic tone

suddenly something clicks in the back of the I-Droid's mind... she Receives yet another unusual signal from apple... only this time it seems like a huge Download... suddenly she just goes into sleep mode and begins the download.

the other windows tans think it odd when it appears she fell asleep in her chair like Toshiaki has done on numerous occasions so they go into the router to discuss things.
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:[ poor dear. but i can understand 2k's jealousy.
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Consider this a description to help understand what the router's world looks like for the next chapter.

I guess I should begin by attempting to Describe the awesomeness that is the inside of the router that the OS tans see. (note inspired by new Tron movie)

Inside there are squares heading off into the distance along the ground, this is what the terrain is like.
then there is a large mountain range stretching from the ports along the edge with transport beams that send data to and from the router and a huge beam heading out to the net.

these beams go through what looks like a Huge Mile wide Circular wall of fire that blocks Viruses and other nefarious Programs, the beams stop at this point and there is something like a checkpoint with various security programs scanning anything that comes through with what looks like metal detectors.

after passing this there is a hand print scanner to track data, and monitor where the programs go as well as make sure they can't get into high security areas, after passing this they enter a room where they state their destination and are beamed away to said location.

The OS tans have the highest security clearance and can go to the control station which is a room in the highest floor nicknamed the watch tower. the main tower it's self looks like a huge structure made of blue squares that seem to reach up about 50 levels into the air.

the meeting room within the Watchtower basically looks like a white void with a table in the centre and a series of comfortable chairs to sit on that appear programs enter the room.

I-droid tan's appearance

ok so to start off she has light blue hair cut medium length just above her shoulder with bangs hanging to frame her face.

her body is thin with 34D sized breasts and is normally painted white but she has an artificial skin coating that makes her appear even more real.

her face is kind of tear drop shaped but with a more oval rounded chin, she has light blue eyes that glow from her internal components.

her dress is atm a simple sleek white minimalist style with an apple logo on her shoulders. she has 4 ports on the back of her neck with dust plugs in them that blend in with her artificial skin using chameleon technology.

the top left port is a composite video port with an extendible cable that can use a TV as a monitor.

the top right port is an Ethernet jack. the bottom two are USB ports for data input output.

she is compatible with most USB keyboards and mice.

she is currently running I-think OS 1, which is a Unix based 128bit OS specially designed for her platform.

her model number is 0135 and she is the first consumer grade product in a long line of prototypes

she doesn't have a name yet... but that's up to Mr Toshiaki to decide.

her height is proximately 5ft 4in and she weighs about 600 LB's due to her hardware.... but when on her systems supplement this so that she only puts out 130 LB's

her specs are

a 3Ghz 6 core Quantum Bio/silicon hybrid processor capable of running 64Bit and 128bit software with 32bit and below handled with hardware emulation, with the bottom level being 8 bit Dos apps from the projects beginnings

She has 1GB of Apple Quantum Hyper Speed or QHS ram with a theoretical maximum of 48 GB

she has been in development for several years and is the final product in a secret project started by apple and headed by Stuart Copland in an attempt at creating a better portable device after his OS didn't work out.

some of his OS remains in the GUI when it appears on the screen when she is plugged in.

she also contains an on board Wireless N card with upgradeable firmware to support newer standards.

her design is such that it will last for a very long time.

her projects codename was first Pidgin then Dove.

well that's all I can think of atm... but I hope that helps paint an image of what I-Droid tan looks like
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well there are 3 reasons, #1 it is already established that she has bigger "ram storage" than XP. #2 that actually is her ram storage compartment and she has to be able to hold the theoretical maxium, and #3. the main target audience for this model is men.  :P
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In the router

the OS tans entered the router and easily went through the checkpoints getting VIP access to the router.

they sat down at the table and a Holo projection Screen appeared in front of them.

2k: "Ok so why are we even debating anything?! I say we should fry her circuts and or throw her out!"

XP: "now now 2K I think it's nice that Toshiaki san has a helper out there."

Me: "well she seems nice enough I mean she was nice to talk to"

they stared at her in confusion and then continued.

win7: "well I don't actually see her as a problem at all, she keeps clean, isn't an Official apple product, and for once she might be what mr Toshiaki needs! I mean come on! we have taken over his personal life!"

os9: "yeah well if it helps I want to hurt her real bad for crashing me!"

the OS tans debated things for hours but no one could agree so they decided to take a rest and return to debate later.

meanwhile I-Droid finished her Down Load and powered back on startling Toshiaki.
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