Free Wii Points if you help people out!

Started by Red-Machine, June 26, 2010, 03:32:26 pm

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Guys, sorry if this is inappropriate.

Anyone who lives in Europe/Australia/New Zealand can take advantage of a Ninetndo promotion (called the Connection Ambassador program) to get free Wii points and unlock free Virtual Console games.  Just visit this link to find out more:

It's an unofficial site, but it's like a community exchange for people who want to get their Ambassador Status upgraded.
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A.) The FAQ contradicts itself. ( )

B.) The main language of the person who hosts this promotion isn't English.

C.) Since the site requires you to refer people, just like lockerz, I'm not even going to touch this "promotion."


Where do I see the FAQ contradict itself, you ask? Fairly obvious actually.

1. It asks that you "confirm" your wii channel number before the wii channel number is 30 days old? (Really? Maybe Nintendo has set up some kind of security feature that disallows this promotion to work after 30 days? Maybe this promotion is a hacking service that exploits a problem in the Wii Channel System, and therefore is illegal?)

2. The FAQ later states that you need to wait for a Wii Channel Number... FROM THE PROMOTION, but the first portion of the FAQ says you need a wii channel number FROM NINTENDO.