Alex_Reetz's Drawing Thread

Started by Alex_Reetz, June 14, 2010, 09:09:37 PM

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@ choko

i went to a drawing class, which showed me beginner's guides to everything

i am planning on getting a authentic how to draw anime book. i got a cheap American styled
how to draw book, but it looks too much like johnny test. mostly, i been learning how to draw anime by, as bad as this sounds, looking at hentai. it helps with anatomy, which is what i suck at the most.


eh, nothing wrong with that.

my first "how to draw manga" book was this:

it gave me a solid base (i actually use alot of the things i picked up in that book still) and i still have fond memories of it. ^^


thanks, i might buy this.

(once pay pal pays me my goddamn money)


(sorry to hear about paypal problems, my sister is currently fighting xanga over money taken from her account that she didn't authorize ><; )

she put out another book, but once you get the hang of this one, you can move on to the more specific stuff (i think the book i bought after that--about 3 years later--was another general book, but after that was about teenage girls and their lives, interests, etc).


one of my friends from high school drew this for me; she is helping out a but with drawing.