Troubled Windows game project?

Started by Mokura, December 01, 2005, 06:05:36 PM

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Alex Stankevitch

Quote from: "CaptBrenden"You dirty necroposters you!

If i could find the base flash file that someone has been using to make all the flash date sim games Id do up some artwork to post into it, but my flash knowlage is to basic to start one from scratch -_-

Same here, but i know my way around a pixel or 1024.......


Oooh, "OS Independent".  Wonder if I can work on it on Xubuntu, eComStation or AROS....?  ^___^

But still, the question remains...

Is there still the time to start an OS-tan game?
Clearly it'd be fantastic, but you know how projects shrivel and day if there's not enough active participation.  -v-'


I've used Blade Engine myself and created a game with it just this year. It is easy as heck to use, but unfortunately at least back in September buggy enough to make even the perfect script to malfunction in the 'latter' (ie not the very beginning) parts of the game. If the bugs have been removed (or cut drastically) since, I can recommend it.

My game wasn't a dating simulation, for the record. I used the engine to turn a birthday story written a year earlier into a game as a present to my friend. Turned out to be a plotless adventure novel featuring Windows 2000-tan as the invincible minion of a mighty summoner Pitkin. :p


This seems like a good idea you should make it like a visual novel tye thing that would be awsome.


Hmm...visual novels tend to be easier to make. Why don't we create a visual novel and host it here? Here's a few links to get your creative juices flowing:


Ive never been a big fan of those visual novels -_- I personaly think our time would be better spent elsewhere in that degree.. But I am just one voice (my hands are pretty much full right now anyways...)
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they can be quite well done. A lower level of interaction, sure, but TYPE-MOON and 07th Expansion have done a pretty good job with those.

Of course, sometimes finding the good stuff can be like finding a needle in a haystack


Not to rush things, but I thought it would be a good idea to consider. I thought a visual novel would be easiest, since complete dating sims take farkloads of time. I was hoping someone had a higher opinion on this, since I've only played one or two and only finished one.


A visual novel, is, well, a novel. Or at least a short story.

The good ones have intricate plots. Making a visual novel with that could take just as much time as making a dating sim, if not more.

I have played through visual novels...
I finished Tsukihime once, to Arcrueid's true ending. (Still playing it) And have played through a bit of Fate/stay... (all I got to say for that is, WOW, that's a lot of kanji...)
TYPE-MOON seems to be quite good at writing up vivid descriptions of things, I think.

anyway, my two cents.


If I had the base Flash file for a decent date sim it would be that hard to swap the artwork actually.. its the building and codign the document I cant do.   that and im streached to thin as well.. least till i get a new job
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Megaman Z

*reads whole thread*

well, if people are still interested in trying to pull this together (the VN date sim thing), I'll see if I can't get a few people that have decent knowledge of handling ren'py to help out.

as for alternative engines, you're kinda limited.
Quote - LiveMaker (JP) - requires a windows capable of handling JP filenames.

if I can think of another one that's decent enough and there's still interest in doing this, I'll post back. my "Project Quene" is full right now, so I'm not gonna commit to this quite yet, regardless of interest.


If I recall from one of NewYinzer's other posts, this project has been pretty much shelved.  ^^'

So don't worry,... you can continue working on your stuff.  ^.^

I'll do the same with my micro OVAs.... -v-


How about making a visual novel first (because it seems to be easy) and after that we make something harder an Sim-dating game after that a RPG?

But to be honest a RPG would be cool! My ideas/suggestions/imagination about the story that we could/can make:

- We start in the past where win95(s) battles against those macs/apples/etc.  (It was something like a war) but at the end windows win over those (like in the reality). So they don't like each other. (can't get along)

- After that "war" it was really pieceful Win95 retired and now she has more sisters/daughters (the the Windows Os s) they had a lovely and peaceful time.

-  but now a another "war" breaks out because those Macs/apples get strong again (rise again from the ashes).

- to get some romance stuff in it, we can put Toshiaki (If i'm right Toshiaki is japanese and means  Anonymous or something like that, but you/we will never see his face) in the game

     -he is in some kind of love between the OS that the player most used or like but that OS must go into the "dangerous battle" where she could die/deleted.(Oh i almost forget to mention that those OS-girls obtains the abtility to go into the real world)

- the "war" get more and more worse because many of those OS are going to delete/kill each other (sounds cruel i know  ;015 ) while that happens in the (ingame) reality many PC going to explode/damaged/freeze/etc. if they have a internet entrance. (because the most battles will happen on the internet)

- At the high point of the "war" between Windows and Macs/Apples/etc. where both sides had to suffer high losses, suddenly a new enemy came! A mysterious organisation created a huge army of hacking-killer-viruses to control the world by hacking/delete into all (Private)Computers/Laptops all over the world!

- (romance stuff again) The advance of the hacking-killer viruses get more & more worse (more and more PC get unsteable, get hacked or the OS get deleted). The Os-girl that Toshiaki loves will get affected during a battle with one of those macs/apples/etc. to! that means she is going to die...
(i can't stop crying ...)
Toshiaki (a quite good programmer) tries everything what he knows and can do, but nothing stop that virus from deleting the OS-girl.
But suddenly for a strange/mysterious reason the Virus stopped at 99%! (that can be the"power of love" or the "kiss" scene)(this isn't a Hentai-game so no Sex scene)

- saved but weakened the OS-girl still want to fight (but against the virus).
While Toshiaki is trying to stop her, outside are the total chaos (Armed robberies & accidents)

- (now we re going to the end of this story^^)   At this point i can be a drama or a happy end (a various ending)

the ending depends from finding the characters who join your group

if the player find to less it is a drama the Os-Girl die because she used all of her last energy to kill/delete the MainVirus (last boss) to rescue the world (buhuu... :( )

If the player find at least the half of those characters, the world is saved and the Os-girl is alive but she lost all of her memories (toshiaki tries to get those memories back), and the end there is a scene where u can see that the evil comes back

if the the player find every character: (happy end) OS-Girl kill/delete the Main Virus with the untied power of every Windows/Macs/Apples/etc. (so they get  along again/peace between Windows and every other OS)  and everyone came back alive(reprogrammed/or something like that) and the romantic life between the Os-girl and Toshiaki can continue    
unimpaired  ^^ (BUT THE EVIL NEVER DIES so there is a scene where you can see that those evil guys/last boss/ mysterious organisation wasn't defeated 100%-ly (so maybe a rise up or a second season)

THE END  or should I say to be continued

for the Openning we can use the openning song that we already have or we maybe use those from the (AMV)  "OS" IDOL M@STER music/songs

I hope the story/art was some kind interesting...
I'm sorry i didn't read everything so I'm sorry if i repeat something...
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Yeah, precisely for some reasons mentioned prior to your post, I think we're gonna hold off from any game project for the time being.  Certainly as long as we have no one who can (or has the time to) work on the game engine.  ^^'

BTW, now Windows would have an awful lot of trouble winning a new war like they did back in '95.  

Not only are the Macs strong and smarter, but now the powerful Linux-tans are around to outperform Microsoft in its pricing game (free vs. looks-like free).  ^___^

Might explain why M$ is desperate to expand into new products (like Xbox and Zune).  ^.^