7-tan(Noob's Design)(loli!)

Started by Alex_Reetz, October 19, 2008, 12:40:00 AM

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Did someone say "dead"?

*zombies back here*

Moar... moar.... moar.... 7... 7... 7... moar... moar... moar...
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just to clear some air

*I am AWR
*This is my design, but it isn't mine, its the worlds.
*I am not out to overshadow the official design
*I may not be the best artist ( and most people who do insult me can't) but I am improving.
*I got other -tans, just want to focus on my 7-tan design
*I don't use mspaint, i use photoshop cs2, paint rage and gimp.
*I made this design when the windows 7 beta came out almost 2 years ago, I did not make this because i hate the official one or trolling
*There are two versions of my 7-tan, a child(x32) the and a (x64) one that is teen
*yeah, my attempts to popularize my design sucks, but how can i distribute it?
*I respect all my fans, and love advice that isnt negative.
*Just because I am American doesnt mean I can't make a os-tan or get involved ( I say that because 2chan banned me because of that, and iichan says thats.)


sorry for the rant mods.

Aurora Borealis

I respect what you're doing, and know that you aren't overshadowing the official design (in fact, despite Nanami being the 'official' design, other Windows 7-tans are STILL being drawn now). I believe just as long as your design is liked by OSC, that's good enough. A way to distribute it could be to upload your pics to your own user gallery- surely visitors will come across them!

Many, many characters and their stories, etc. were created here at OSC, and although they aren't 'canon', they are regarded as a fanon and accepted by some very loyal OS-tan fans here, and on Deviant Art.


Quotesorry for the rant mods
There's only one mod here now (´・ω・`)


(Hides annoyance mod behind back)
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First Drawing this Year, Still Practicing Shading, Minorly Improved.


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Aurora Borealis

I think that's your biggest improvement yet, most notably in the eyes, hands and hair! ;010



Also I am Getting A Wacom soon, I got About 134.00 USD,might buy a mid class one.


Not Aiming for detail here, this is just a lost drawing I made prior to the drawing I made in 2008, I am still drawing, but I want to wait until I get a  WACOM. Also, I am Taking lessons from my sister, who is a annoying Stereotypical American teenager obsessed with Anime., but sometimes we all need to make a sacrifice.

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Stereotypes FTMFW!! XDDD

No but really... good on ya' getting lessons. The more the merrier, no? :D
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here you go, for the lulz.

I still lack the eye of the otaku.


to big to upload...


Drawing Ideas of 2010:

*Windows 7-tan in sleep-mode
*Windows 7 x64
*Attempt at windows xp-tan
*Self Drawing
*AMD Rana-tan
*Comic for 2nd year anniversary
*The Fetish Tans
*Chris Hanson
* 1975 pacer-tan (BTW I got a new car :D!)

This isn't including Holiday drawings and doodles, but ah well. I am getting a wacom from amazon for 50.00 and once I warm up to it, I will start.)


Sorry for the double post and revival, but here.

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wowie! so much improvement from the start! go you. ^^

i'm tempted to post one.....
click to make it bigger