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member picture thread :D

Started by zjhentohlauedy, March 27, 2010, 06:16:57 AM

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Pardon my double-post, but it's time for photos from my trip and some other misc. things; this version being the uncut edition (Well, I have some photos of cosplays, though I plan to post those publicly on my FB; so anyone that I got the pics of can find me):

Anime Boston 2017 - A Con of Fire & Ice:
Banner for AB, above the entrance to the convention center

The guidebook for this year; which contains info on all the guests, many of the bigger events, rules and regulations for the convention, and info on nearby restaurants.
For comparison, a photo of the 2004 guide; taken in the AB Museum. I was digging the '04 guide's DeviantArt \ "How 2 Draw Teh Mangoes" aesthetic; it's nostalgic.

Speaking of the AB museum, a Gamera sign from a past event. Gamera is really neat; he's full of turtle meat #MST3K

The first panel I attended, on import Famicom games. Hosted by the admin of The Cutting Room Floor Wiki. The game shown on-screen is Wit's, for anyone that's curious.

The Mother\EarthBound panel. Hosted by RedBard, whom runs a YouTube channel where she talks about anime and JRPGs

During a panel I joined Kari for (I think it was on queer representation in anime and manga? She could correct me, since I came in late), I couldn't help but notice how purple the ceiling is.

Bootlegged Merchandise panel = best panel. Also hosted by RedBard; whom is also the admin of the Bootleg Stuff page on Facebook. A lot of the pictures I took didn't turn out, but pretty much everything seen in her presentation, and then some, is on the FB page.
- An extra pic from the Bootleg panel
- The game I showed in the Google Play Store, to try and win a prize. Sadly, she had run out of prizes by the time I got up there.

Sign for the last panel we attended. Mostly snapped a pic because the fact it just said "Later" with nothing else at the bottom (Since it was the last thing scheduled for that room) made me think of Toonami.

Game Over sign, seen in the hallway

Pac-Man sign. They had Christmas lights in it, to make it glow...and this also lead to me messaging my sister to inform her that "Pac-Man is my favorite anime" xD

They had a lot of signs depicting classic anime characters as sprites. Here's one of Kero, from Cardcaptor Sakura :3

There was also a Lum sign. Given Kari was in cosplay as her, this lead to a lot of amusing pictures (She has several more on her phone)

A photo of me, on Saturday. I could almost post this on my main Facebook, since you can barely see my boobs at this angle. I did realize that I was unintentionally in cosplay as Ramona McIntosh, my OC ^^;

I didn't wear my Mayl cosplay for long, since my bag was getting heavy from my normal clothes, but here's a pic I took before I changed. I plan to revisit this cosplay next year, though :3

Kero plushie!

While looking through manga, I ended up at the yaoi shelf at one booth, and saw this: Mmmmmmm watcha saaaaaaaay~

NPC shirt. If I hadn't run out of cash by this point, I would have bought it xD

Posters they had around the main escalators (Some are a bit out-of-focus, since I was on an escalator as I took them):
- Adult Swim parody (Really bad pic, but I didn't notice until I started to go through my pics at home, so this is the best I have. A transcription of it would be "[anime boston] every Spring starting at 10/9c")
- "InuYasha!" "Kagome!" (I had the hardest time getting a good pic of this one)
- "Seph-i-roth" (This also reminds me of the poster I saw in Artist's Alley; with the FF7 meteor logo and "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA" written in the Final Fantasy font)
- "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" (I think I still have my shirt that says that. It's one of my oldest gaming shirts xD)
- "Bang..." (insert The Real Folk Blues here)
- "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this" (Also references their suggestion to con-goers to get at least 5 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower each day).
- Charging a Kamehameha Wave (I wish this one had turned out better)

- Plushies!
Inkling Girl, Cirno, and Hatsune Miku. I first saw Cirno at one booth, and they wanted $30 for her...and then just down the hall, I found her at a different booth for $18.

- Manga, and a Zelda comic.
A majority of these were obtained from the "cheap manga" bins at various booths (Excluding Zelda and Haruhi-chan), while Trigun Maximum Vol. 5 came from Kari (I traded a copy of Mars Vol. 2 for it). The Zelda comic is a collection of Nintendo Power's A Link to the Past miniseries from the early '90s; I almost bought it on the first day for $20, but came back on day 2 to find it discounted to $16.

- Posters, part 1
- Posters, part 2
The AB poster is two-sided; one side is for this year's theme (Retro), and the other side is a reprint of the original 2003 poster. I also obtained a Steins;Gate poster, but I'm giving that to Bella (She'll receive it once I iron out the shipping details with Kari).
Not pictured, since it's being kept with my DVDs for safekeeping, is a picture of the Power Rangers Zeo cast, autographed by Johnny Yong Bosch. Nice -w-

I also obtained some games and DVDs, but they're currently with Kari. The most notable things I obtained were the complete series of Trigun (Autographed by Johnny Yong Bosch) and a bootleg box set of .hack//Sign.

Misc. pictures:
It was snowing on Saturday, so have a pic of Katja (Kari's car) out in it. Speaking of, in terms of the interior design and feel, it reminded me of the '89 Chevy Caprice my grandma had when I was little :3

I posted this one on my Twitter, so SleepyD could see it: apparently he had his own mattress store in Boston

Here's a dress Kari and I found at Savers, that sadly didn't fit (I didn't see that it was a size 6 until I went to the dressing room), but I snapped some photos of it if only because we were like "this is what 2k-tan would wear if she had to host a game show"
Showing the slit on it

Snapped a pic of this at Market Basket because I swear I read it as "Emmy's Pizza" in passing. Sadly, it is not Italian food prepared by ME-tan ;_;

More snow! (Also, Kari petting Mo)

Mo guards Kari's car

Oh my Haruhi I have an entire row to myself on the plane. The most comfortable airplane ride I've ever been on; I had all the room o_o

The pattern on the seat backs on my plane made me think of the Triforce

After searching everywhere I could in the New England area for Moxie, to no avail, I ultimately find some...on my desk back home. I have 5 more bottles stashed away with my Crystal Pepsi -w-

My parents bought a new TV for the bedroom during my trip (Kari might recall my dad calling me while we were going down to Wichit so she and Steve can get dinner). When I got home, I noticed the warnings on the back of the manual. It reminds me of the ones for the original PlayStation xD

I was surprised to see that even Walmart was getting in on the Persona 5 hype. I wouldn't mind playing it, assuming I don't have the story spoiled for me like I did Persona 3.

A drink named "Bai". The name alone makes me think of Kari xD


We can like posts now?  SORCERY!

Glad your trip went well, Pent.  That 2004 con book is terrifying, holy fuck.  2017 version's pretty cute though.

The Cowboy Bebop inspired poster may be my favorite thing though, ahaha.


I had a lot of fun looking through the pics, Pent! Hopefully I'll be able to join you and Kari next year, if you go to AB again. :)


Thanks ^^

@Bella: I'm trying to get a new job as quickly as possible, solely because I want to go back next year. I hope you do join us :3

Now, it's time for more pics; showing off some things post-trip. We begin with a plushie of Psyduck. Saw that at Gamestop, and had to snap a pic of it.

I went by a local thrift store on Friday, catching them during a 50% off sale. All I found of interest was the first volume of the Deadman Wonderland manga (Trade fodder for next year?), though I did snap a few pics:
- Oh god this Christmas lamp is creepy o_o (It's like Thomas the Tank Engine fucked the lamp from Amityville 4)
- I wish this was in my size (Was a fairly long formal gown, in brown with a rose-colored floral pattern)

I then went to JC Penny, while killing time, and saw they had a sale on dresses. I ended up buying one I found on clearance, which I will show off a little later; first off, here's a pic of one I wouldn't mind if it were cheaper...even if the shaping of it makes me feel like a '50s housewife ^^;
(EDIT - 5/27: I actually bought this dress yesterday, on clearance. Nice -w-)

I also went to Goodwill, and saw a foot massage thing with a catface. Cat massage?

I did discover Iced Mint Tea. This is the first time I've seen this one, and it was good (Seems even harder to find than the raspberry tea from the same company)

Now, the dress I bought. This one caught my attention on the clearance rack, for its unusual size (PXL. Petite Extra Large?), which lead to me trying it on and immediately falling in love with it; it was so comfy, and the shrug it came with fit surprisingly well. I spent more than I probably should have, even after deep discounts (I paid $20 for it, thanks in part to some special offers they had going), but still; it was too good to pass on.
- A pic of it, without the shrug. Can be worn without it, though given how the belt design under the bust doesn't wrap all the way around, it's clear that something's missing ^^;

A better pic of the dress I bought when Kari and I went to Savers...which it looks like I forgot to include it in the previous post? Regardless, I tried on 2 different sweater dresses we found, and ultimately bought this one; it was the more expensive of the two ($12 vs. $8), but it fit better.

A few other random pics I took yesterday:
- The shorts I picked up to wear under the skirt to my Mayl cosplay has more uses, as I feel more confident when wearing this. That skirt is a little too short on me, but with the shorts, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.
- Miku stole my chair
- Random selfie
- Miku on my shoulder

Lastly, how I've redone the posters on my wall (Incorporating a few I've had lying around, plus a few from AB):
- Lefthand side of window
(Super Mario Galaxy, Pokémon SoulSilver)

- Righthand side of window
(Charmeleon and Pikachu puzzles, Breath of Fire ad, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Donkey Kong Country 2, Diddy Kong Racing, Wario Land II, Pokémon Sun\Moon)

- Wall beside bed, part 1
(Pokémon X\Y Kalos Map, Pokémon Red\Blue, Banjo-Kazooie)

- Wall beside bed, part 2 \ above TV
(Art of Unix and Linux-tan from Bella, Pokémon Sun\Moon Alola Map, some old-ass Cardcaptor Sakura Valentine's cards, a drawing of Diglett my sister made forever ago, a doodle I made of Haunter, Nintendo Power 20th Anniversary poster, my Amiibo collection)

- Above TV \ Behind Door
(Nintendo DS "Touching is Good" ad, AB2017 poster, Geico "The Money You Could Be Saving..." ad, Kirby anime sign, portrait of yours truly made by Bella, weird thing from local newspaper depicting Lan and MegaMan reading a newspaper, Really fucking old Zelda artwork I made in '03, Muffin Button motivational poster, Hatsune Miku poster, old clothes rack I use for keys and other misc. things)

- Above 2k
(Phantasy Star Online poster, "More Cowbell" bumper sticker, .hack//Sign wallscroll, Aperture Science "Remember" sign, PDP-11 art from Bella, 2k-tan art also from Bella)

- Above dresser
(Syaoran Li puzzle, Shin Godzilla poster, Zelda: Spirit Tracks poster, really old drawing of Arbok my sister made, more Cardcaptor Sakura Valentine's cards. Also, my lamp)


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