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member picture thread :D

Started by zjhentohlauedy, March 27, 2010, 06:16:57 AM

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It's picture time again : D

We begin with some changes to the posters and whatnot on my walls; starting with the wall above my bed's headboard. I had to drop the Giant Mewtwo Card, sadly; I need a better frame for it (The one I have is better designed to be set on a table, as it doesn't hang correctly on the wall). Of course, the old DS ad telling us that "touching is good" is still there xD

Probably the biggest change is the next wall. Note the art of Unix-tan and Linux-tan, courtesy of Bella, and a giant poster of France Kalos, from Pokemon X\Y, replacing that matchstick cross that was starting to fall apart. Further down, we have my Amiibo collection, a cheap plastic coat rack that I mostly use for keychains, a Negima poster that Pit gave me years ago, a portrait of yours truly, and a glow-in-the-dark Super Mario Galaxy poster, among other random things.

As for the wall behind 2k-tan Eloise, the only change is my PSO poster is next to the .hack wallscroll, because symbolism -w-;

For an up-close view of my Amiibo collection:
- Mario shelf: I had to drop the warp pipe stand to free up some space, but the end result is I have every Mario character I have save for Wario on there now. If you're wondering why 8-Bit Mario is standing so tall, the secret is stacking some Game Boy game cases; they're the perfect size for bumping it up :3
- Main shelf: This pic was brighter than I expected, but this shelf is now less crowded than it was, and I made some minor repairs to it (The nails on the back, holding the hanger in place, were trying to pop out, so I put some superglue in the hole)
- Other shelf: The Led Zeppelin box set makes its return, allowing for additional storage. If you're wondering what's up with the random empty spot, this pic was taken while I was awaiting the arrival of my Shovel Knight; whom would take the open spot.

On a final note on Amiibo, I took this pic late at night for a stupid topic on the Amiibo Reddit; challenging viewers to cram as many photo memes into a single pic as possible, just for laughs. As such, I had lots of stacking, bigger and smaller versions of characters, and Ness poking others xD Also, Villager ominously watches

I've recently gotten back to playing Pokemon, as I completely forgot this was a thing in X\Y. Like, seriously; the name "O-Power" sounds kinda suggestive, and the fact I obtain them from Mr. Bonding in a hotel, and the screen goes dark and just says "you received an O-Power" makes me think something naughty is happening >w>;
insert your own "Metapod used Harden" joke here

Also, there was the nameless Team Flare grunt. I laughed when I saw this -w-;

On a Smash Bros note, I recently bought Cloud, and think Kari will like his Classic Mode victory image; an obvious nod to the US cover art to FF7. Also, the Congratulations message is formatted in style of the FF7 logo -w-
Speaking of Smash Bros, Chunibyo referenced it...although the title is half-censored, like when Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star would mention Gundam.

Just because I felt like it, and I'm a sucker for the neon lighting, a pic of my local theater, after I got out from Star Wars. The front of the theater hasn't changed at all since they opened, although on the inside, they have changed the seating...and were supposed to add on 4 additional screens and rebrand itself as "Dogwood 10" a few years ago, but given how this town is, they probably couldn't get the building permit to make it happen. Still, it's a nostalgic location; I've gone to so many movies here, from the really good (Disney's Tarzan, Skyfall, etc.) to the terrible (Disney's Old Dogs, M. Night Shamiylan's The Last Airbender, etc.)

The last thing I want to bring up is the case I bought for my copy of Pokemon Crystal, with a review of it (With my copy of SoulSilver for comparison):

- Front
- Back
- Spine (At bottom, compared to the original cases for the DS games)
- Inside (Pokemon Platinum manual shown to illustrate how much extra room there is for Game Boy manuals, and for symbolism. Also, I don't have the manual for Crystal...yet)

The case itself is very nicely made; it's in the exact form factor of an original DS game case, so aside from those pesky slim 3DS cases, it will fit nicely on your shelf with your DS collection...and the plastic feels up to par with the official Nintendo cases (In sharp contrast to the Gamestop generic cases, which are practically one step above "grocery bag" in terms of plastic quality. Also, the inside is designed to allow for Game Boy Advance games, much like how the DS games have optional GBA storage.

As for the print quality of the artwork...the paper used is of a good quality (It's not as glossy as Nintendo's paper stock, and you can see some spots where they used a sliding cutter to cut it down after printing, but for what it's worth, it's nice), although the artwork itself appears to be sourced from a low-resolution image; the text is generally still readable, but it's nowhere near as sharp as the Phantasy Star IV case I bought last year. Still, if you're like me and you want really nice cases to put your favorite Game Boy games in, and want them to match up with your DS collection, these aren't too bad of an option; I may eventually pick up cases for Blue and Emerald, and if anybody offers it, a Japanese-style box for Yellow (Since I do, in fact, own a Japanese copy of that game).




i squee'd so much at your photos i hurt myself, Pit. :\

@Pent: it's sad, but at the same time nice that the GBA case would give the GBA storage option, since it's like saying "I'm dying, but here, have some seating for my replacements". xD;;
how many amiibo are you up to now? :0
walls are lookin' good, man, but if you put those posters close together wallpaper-style, you could probably fit more. -w-
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@Pit: Nice ^^ (Also, I've never seen you without glasses before ^^; )
@Leaf: Cool pic, bro -w-

@Kari: Thanks on the walls; I probably could fit more if I did that -w-;
I'm up to 40 Amiibo. I do need to practice for the tournament this Friday, TBH.
I think the DS cases having GBA storage was mostly for early DS games that used the GBA slot for special features (Like how Metroid Prime Pinball came with a rumble pak)


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Thanks for the kind comments! :)


Your hair looks good Pitkin-san. ^.^

Also, cool filter Leaf!


So, I got back from my vacation earlier today. So, I have pics to share :3

First off, some pre-trip pics:
- Maid costume~ (I finally decided to buy one)
- Chinese bootleg of Harvest Moon, for PS2 DVD game (Disgaea for comparison). Picked this up randomly, need to setup a PS2 emulator to try it out xD
- Backside of the bootleg (Again, Disgaea for comparison)

Now, for random pics snapped while I was out shopping during my trip:
- Goat Simulator, in "100% goat-edible packaging"
- WinPhone. Given how I was shorthanding "Windows Phone" in a conversation to "WinPhone" the night before, this amused me
- Snivy Smugleaf plushie. I will never not call it Smugleaf xD
- Rick and Morty plushies. This seems like a setup for a future episode >w>; Get schwifty~
- Kermit the Frog Joel's dad is judging me

What I bought:
- Mini-figures of Steven and Garnet; from the Steven Universe Minis blind bags (Soda can for scale, though I did also buy that). I'll be honest, I had hoped for Peridot out of one of these bags, but hey.
- On a related note they're close in size to the laughably tiny salt & pepper shakers they always give us at the resort

- A cute green chimise. I finally have this one in a size that fits me more comfortably xD
- Selfie of me wearing it. Pardon the noticeable bra ^^;

- A lot of DVDs, some old software, and a manga
- Futurama (Seasons 1-4)
- Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl (Complete Series; had to tape the box back together)
- Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (Complere Series; BluRay\DVD combo pack)
- Pokémon Project Studio: Blue Version
- Death Note: Volume 3 (Don't have any of the others, but it was cheap enough that I couldn't pass it up)

Lastly, pics with Maka :3
- Maka, with the tablet also named Maka
- Hiding in the cabinet
- Checking out the epic bathtub
- Tucked in
- On the shoulder of yours truly
- "...what is this?" -her reaction to Gumball
- "...when's the new episode coming out?" -her reaction to Steven Universe
- Steven meets a giant woman
- Packed up and ready to go home
- Standing on my chair, back home


Pardon my bump, but what better way to revive this topic than these pics?

- When you want to be a cute maid, but you also just finished watching every episode of Samurai Champloo

- Also, figurine of Konata in a maid costume :3

I have plenty more, which I can upload later on.



Red_Machine: Flouting the Windows Lifecycle Policy since 1989!


@Pent: i'm picturing you pulling a Britney Spears with that figure. NOW WE MATCH YAAAAAY

@Red: BULLY!

(the only way you could get more stereotypical british is if you had one of the following:
a: a cup of tea
b: Austin Powers' teeth
c: an awesome mod outfit, complete with moped
d: an awesome mod haircut
e: something with a Union Jack on it )
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