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(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) all time favorites. For those still new to Online gaming, this is for you. I'll compile a list of MMORPGS available in the Philippines. Cast the noob away from you! Read on.

Ragnarok Online

Since we are assuming that you have no experience whatsoever about online gaming (Yeah you ignorant noob!), I hope that you are familiar with the T.V. Animation series "The Ragnarok Animation". If you've watched that, or at least had a sneek peek of what is it, then this will be easy.

Let go to the basics first. Ragnarok is created in Korea by the Gravity corporation. But Gravity is not the one to manage the game per country. (For example, Philippine Ragnarok is handled by LevelUP! Games. Click link for details: They based it on Norse Mythology. (In fact the servers were named in norse. Ex. Odin, Loki, Chaos, Fenrir, etc.) But it also contains some mixed cultures. Some maps are modeled based on cultures of the real world.

The Game Interface

If you've played strategy games before like Red Alert, Warcraft, Startcraft etc, you'll find this game with a little bit similar interface.

The one in the upperleft is your where you find your HP/SP bar, Experience points need to levelup your character, and shortcut button that opens other windows.

The box below is your Chatbox. Do i need to explain this? Duh.. It's the thing where you type messages. (Oh, it also serves as a notification area about certain things. We'll discuss that later.) And the one above the chatbox is the Hotkey system. You put spells, potions etc. there so you won't end up having multiple windows when you need to use them simultenously.

The Characters

Since Ragnarok Online is been up for years now, alot of changes happened. Before they were only Three slots per account to make your characters. Now, we have five. (Lucky you) Now let me introduce the basic characters


You start your adventure as a Novice. As a Novice all you can do is.. Well nothing. You have to train and level your character up to change your job.


The Midgard swordsman is a close-combat specialist. Being the steadfast frontline of armies and adventuring parties, only the bravest dare to enter their ranks.

Swordsmen can specialize in a variety of melee weapons. Able to heal faster than most other characters, the swordsman is the first one to join the fray… and usually the last man standing in a lost cause.


Rugged frontiersmen with a pinpoint aim, the Archers patrol the wilderness between the towns and cities of Midgard. Though many have a huge individualistic streak to them, a well placed Archer shot could spell the difference for an adventuring party surviving a dangerous encounter.

Archers are reliant on their skill with ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows to deliver monster-stopping power at great distances.


An arcane magic-wielder with the ability to cast a variety of devastating spells on their enemies, the mages of Midgard unlock the secrets of arcane lore for their never-ending quest to master the arcane arts.
Though extremely vulnerable when attacked up close, the mage can unleash a deadly arsenal of magical attacks upon unwary opponents. A powerful mage spell can easily make short work of an opponent in an instant.


Masters at the art of the deal, these independent traders and craftsmen seek to make a living on trade in the world of Midgard. With the roads infested with marauding creatures that ambush the wary traveler, the merchants specialize in skills that allow them to get the most out of their dangerous travels.
Merchants specialize in getting the best prices for adventurers. Their skills in haggling and identifying unknown items make them invaluable in the fight for Midgard’s survival.


With sleight of hand and fleet of foot, the thieves of Midgard fancy themselves as hopeless romantics who don’t mind if a quick zeny or two is made at the expense of others.
Thieves specialize in pinpoint attacks and stealth. Their unique ability to steal items from unwary victims without having to fight has annoyed more than its share of porings in the wilderness.


A spellcaster who calls upon the powers of the divine through their piety and faith, Acolytes strive to aid others and attempt to foster hope among the people, whose faith has waned in the face of Ragnarok.
An Acolyte’s divine magic provides healing and strong support to an adventuring party. Among all the denizens that roam Midgard, none draws their ire more than the undead.

Those are the six basic characters you can make out of a novice. After you reach a certain level, you can change job again to a higher job. Also, you can choose an alternative job. For example, the original job change for a Swordsman is a Knight. Now you can choose the alternative job, which is the crusader. Below is the hierarchy of Jobs.

1. Swordsman - Knight/Crusader - Lord Knight/Paladin
2. Archer - Hunter/Bard or Gypsy - Sniper/Clown or Gypsy
3. Magician - Wizard/Sage - High Wizard/Scholar
4. Merchant - Blacksmith/Alchemist - Mastersmith/Biochemist
5. Thief - Assassin/Rogue - Assassin Cross/Stalker
6. Acolyte - Priest/Monk - High Priest/Champion

1.taekown. skillfull figther without any kind of werpon,, it agility adn strenge is very skillfull .taekown-star gladiator/soulinker.

2.-Ninja:the ylive in the city called amatsu he can use also magic as werpon as well. very fast casting and magic consecutives very stonrg without delay after casting a skill.

3.-gunslinger:you can use revolver ,shotguns, bazookas, with a lot of variety. ec weapon has speciality..revolver fast shooting, shotgun a can hit a lot of targers at same time slowly shotting speed, bazooka great damage slow shotting.
Special Game Features

The War of the Emperium
The Emperium stone is the most powerful piece of Midgard's lands. This mineral gives humans (or monsters) the power of conquest, hegemony and authority. The War of Emperium consists of conquering a castle and breaking the Emperium in training for the REAL Holy War against monsters and evil forces that threaten Rune Midgard.

The Guild system

The guild system allows you to make a Guild (Duhh..) You can invite people to join your guild for plenty of reasons. For example, you cannot join the War of the Emperium if you don't have a guild.