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More IBM-tans

Started by stewartsage, January 11, 2010, 07:20:25 PM

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Reading about FOCAL has really made me want to make a FOCAL-tan. She and BASIC-tan and MUMPS-11 could form some sort of Triumvirate of Programming Language-tans Who Can Pass as OSes....

Also, half of me wants to make an AN/FSQ-32 aka SuperSAGE-tan, but it also seems daunting and continuity destroying and I'm not sure the world is ready for more SAGE-descended OS-tans. On the other hand, it sounds like it was kind of important in early networking and timesharing .... which, come to think of it, would probably pose even more backstory continuity issues. >>


I didn't make her one of SAGE's daughters or an explicitly mentioned part of SAGE at the time because it never really took off as a significant separate system.


While I can get the whole system personification conservation thing (ie, it's better to not make superfluous characters who end up being nothing but one-shot designs when said system can be incorporated into an already-established OS-tan), I wonder why exactly the AN/FSQ-32 would be considered a part of SAGE-tan's design, especially when the FSQ-32 took an entirely different life trajectory from SAGE (ie, it wasn't simply scrapped - it became a research computer).

Unless you want to compromise by saying that SAGE-tan dabbled in some ARPA timesharing experiments and collaborated in early networking projects with TX-0-tan at some point. Which seems a bit out of character considering that I'm really not sure TX-0 and SAGE-tan could interact without one attempting to fratricide the other. >>


I know I don't generally dip my toes into the pool of Language-tans, I want to make a -tan so badly. (She could be the manic pixie typesetter of the OS-tan community!)

I've already come up with a few ideas for her - originally named TeX, she was created in the late 1970s and raised by WAITS-tan at Stanford University, and later on spent time with ITS-tan at MIT. She is an extremely skilled and sought-after typesetter and typographer interested in classical typesetting techniques, and while she isn't scientifically-knowledgeable, she spends most of her time associating with those who are.

LaTeX-tan and Emacs-kun are excellent friends and she formats the majority of his written works.  Her personality is zany and artsy, and tends to be quite permissive and communally-minded (its source is a part of public domain.) Generally dresses with her hair tied back, some sort of bandana/scarf on her head, wears a smock with many pockets of different sizes and generally carries type-pieces on her at all times. 

Typographically-minded as she is, she tends to prefer her name be formatted as "LaTeX", but really doesn't care how people pronounce it. Lay-tech seems to be the most agreed-upon however.


Sounds interesting

I am posting in this topic so you can, like, do stuff -w-


Generally speaking, we don't have much qualms against doubleposting in most threads outside General Chat/Forum Games, really.


I knooooow, I just don't like double/triple/quadruple posting. >>

Look guys, some new OS-tan concepts!

GeneraOS-tan notes:
-Born in the mid-1970s as MIT Lisp Machine Operating System
-A prototypical "open source" OS-tan in her early years
--Worked with Knight Machine-tan.
-Prides herself on only using Lisp-based sorcery, no matter how mundane or trivial the task. (Entire system written in LISP)
-Good collaborator. (Networking features.)
-Avid reader and is well-spoken. (Well-documented system)
-Open-minded to an almost certainly dangerous degree. (System could be modified easily)
--Tends to be easy to influence / manipulate - for good or bad.
-She and Emacs are often mistaken for relatives, although there's no relation beyond their shared penchant for AI work.
--Owing Emacs' persuasive way of speaking and her malleable nature, he could easily play her like a fiddle if he so chose.
-Has pretty much no self-defense ability or fighting skills to speak of.
-Somehow ended up aligned with Symbolics in the 1980s, unknowingly aiding Symbolics Lisp Machine-tan in her accidental destruction of Hackerkind.
--Has never really been held accountable for this (See above point about her malleability).
-In spite of her current state of near-total irrelevance, is somehow still working today.
-Currently associates with True64 Unix-tan.
-Fairly small and compactly-built (ran on a 'small' computer), curvy (one of the first GUI-using OSes = more eye-candy), short-cut curly brown hair, dark eyes, light skintone, dresses casually and eclectically.

Knight Machine / CONS Machine / CADR-tan
-Born in the early-mid 1970s at MIT.
-Considered the apex of Hacker design.
-Purpose-built to handle Lisp-based sorcery, as such is an extremely skilled sorceress.
--Considers herself the physical embodiment of the Lisp language, more or less.
-Prolific artificial intelligence expert.
-Avoids large groups, prefers working with one person at a time.
-Originator of all other Lisp machines.
-Articulate but speaks with a small impediment.
-Like many hacker OS-tans, comes off as countercultural / "hippie"-ish.
-Surprisingly orderly.
--Makes lists of everything.
-Purported to be a high-level member of The Knights of the Lambda Calculus.
--Will deny this or change the subject when pressed, though the Grand Recursive Order badge she typically dons tends to be something of a giveaway.
-Has undergone numerous surname-changes, but is usually addressed by her "maiden name" Knight.
-Was involved a major conflict which is said to have destroyed the MIT Hacker Culture and hastened the beginnings of the AI Winter. (Basically, her sister/clone/daughter/whatever Symbolics Lisp Machine-tan usurped many of her followers and weakened the AI Lab to a point where it could no longer function, instigating years of fighting / backstabbing / general misery for everyone involved.)
--This also accidentally instigated the GNU Project / creation of HURD-tan / the rise of Linux-tan, something she's quite proud of.
-Good friends with ITS-tan, PDP-10-tan, Emacs-kun. Doesn't associate with Unices, but knows the The HURD and Linux-tan tangentially.
-Retired, purported to be living in Cambridge.
-A little under average height, lightly-built, athletic and elegant overall, wears glasses.
-Blue / silver / gold color scheme.

Symbolics Lisp Machine-tan
-Data pending.
-Will probably be the only other of the myriad Lisp machines to be personified.

BBN Butterfly / Chrysalis-tan:
-Coming soon!
-[Insert Queen Chrysalis reference / joke here in the meantime]