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More IBM-tans

Started by stewartsage, January 11, 2010, 07:20:25 PM

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but the militant ones would be the ones involved.....


Quote from: Aurora Borealis on July 15, 2011, 10:44:42 PM
I can't help but wonder how'd the other Mac-tans factor into those story, unless the incident happens while all the other Mac-tans are away. Some of them reeeeeeaaaaallly don't take kindly to perversion in the Mac House!

That's making the assumption any of this is canonical, even within our various story canons. .v.

Aurora Borealis

For some reason I forgot about alternate universe continuities. They slipped my mind. :(


alot of times, i really disregard canon for everything except character appearance and personality. after that, go nuts. >>;


I want to make an OS-tan for the John R. Silber Symphonic Organ control computer....

-a part of a Skinner organ
-patented in 1916 it's the oldest "computer" in Boston
-housed at Boston University
-runs on 12 volts
-its paper tape provided the first example of binary multiplexing
-approximately 1200 baud, with 0.0004mb RAM and 0.000mhz processing power
-when the organ was being restored in the early 1990s, restorationists could not figure out how the computer worked
-has been replaced by a modern computer for the purposes of controlling aforementioned organ, but still works

So, ironically, a -tan of this computer would be both the oldest computer-tan in Boston and one of the only old computer-tans still alive.


she'd also be quite musical, lol. (THE FIRST VOCALOID???)

do it, man. -w-


Probably a good idea to put these two up here before I actually add the first short story for Bell Labs Innovations.

Columbus UNIX-tan AKA CB UNIX
-Chief Signal Officer for the Unixes for about twenty years.  Proficient in telephone, radio, and mechanical signal transmission.
-UNIX-sama's sister (five years younger)
-Each pretends they aren't related
-Thinks of herself as more practical then her sister (first non-research application of UNIX)
--More willing to actually pitch in to everyday work
-Prefers solitude (replaced staffed switch boards)
--Doesn't like talking directly to anyone, usually calls or sends a letter
-Unlike most Unix, is not from California or the east coast (from Ohio)
-Lacks the typical Unix superiority complex; gets along well with outside technology
-Being essentially proprietary, lacks open sorcery powers.  Does have some electrically based abilities.  May be able to resurrect the dead.
-Part time mentor to a young Plan 9, may have helped her leave Bell.
-Good friend to MERT, sister of PWB/UNIX
-The current target of PDP-11s affections
-Status: Unknown

Description: Medium length black hair worn in varying styles, 5'7" tall, fond of wire based jewelry/accessories, average clothing is jeans/slacks and a t-shirt/button down shirt (depending on situational formality), if it weren't for the rather obvious Cardinal 'ear' tufts she could pass for a normal human, eyes do not have the usually added 'Bell' logo but instead outline of Ohio

-Easy to get along with, open minded and helpful
--Sort of a people's computer, no one at DEC seems to have a problem with her
-No apparent psychological disorders
-Something of a ladies.... lady, at least by reputation
-Travels a lot
-Despite being one of the busiest, best known, hardest working DEC hardware-tans remains largely an enigma personality wise.
-Status: Alive

-Description: Link!



Two things about CB Unix:
-You mean Unix-tan's daughter. Since Unix-sama is both without peer and sibling. (Except for maybe Status VOS, who might actually be her sister but that's a totally different story.)
-Ohio eyes............. realllllllly?

Huzzah, another PDP for the roster~

EDIT: Oh and another thing.... 5'7'' is way too tall for a Unix-tan, especially one closely related to Unix-sama herself. Unix is about 5' tall, Plan 9 is 5'2'' or so, CB Unix should probably be no taller than 5'4'' or 5'5''... just saying.

How tall is PDP-11-tan? I kinda wanna draw her and CB Unix together sometime.


1) As built CB UNIX was considered superior to the original article, as well as V6 and V7 to an extent.  Thus, sister.
2) Ya rly

3) I thought so....

4) No idea, ball park it by comparing her to the PDP11 units in the background.


Quote from: stewartsage on August 22, 2011, 07:08:14 PM
1) As built CB UNIX was considered superior to the original article, as well as V6 and V7 to an extent.  Thus, sister.
2) Ya rly

3) I thought so....

4) No idea, ball park it by comparing her to the PDP11 units in the background.

But. It's Unix. As in ┼źnus, as in one, as in the genetic fountainhead of every other Unix. So the closest I'll come to accepting CB Unix as a sibling of Bell Labs Unix is calling her a modified clone or some such.

I'm just going to assume that PDP-11 is really quite tall.


No, its UNIX as in a corruption of Unics, which is an acronym for UNiplexed Information and Computing Service.


Quote from: stewartsage on August 22, 2011, 10:25:11 PM
No, its UNIX as in a corruption of Unics, which is an acronym for UNiplexed Information and Computing Service.

UNI = a prefix denoting one

It's a play on MULTIcs/Multiplexed Information and Computing Service, where MULTI = many

But seriously, the theme of oneness plays a pretty big part in Unix-sama's design, compared to Multics-sama's, well, multiplicity.... not even getting into the whole mythological/pseudoreligious view on Unix as Multics' only begotten child and all -w-;;;


To -do -tan list:
-Memory Test Computer-tan (Whirlwind-hime's nurse)
-Laning and Zierler System-kun (aka George Laning Zieler. Whirlwind-hime's mathematician friend)
-System/360-kun (all the ladies say he's pretty fly, for an IBM guy)
-John R. Silber Symphonic Organ control computer-tan


We've finally decided to make a -tan of the Memory Test Computer:

The MTC was a computer built by a team led by Ken Olsen. It was used to test Whirlwind's core memory. It resembled Whirlwind in certain respects, and, according to some accounts, was used early in the SAGE project (Project Lincoln [?]) as well.

This is MTC-tan:

Some ideas we've come up with so far:
-Harbors strong feelings of some sort for Whirlwind-hime, as she is literally her reason for living. (MTC is Whirlwind's purpose-built memory test system.)
-She's Whirlwind-hime's nurse, probably stayed with her throughout the entirety of her lifetime. She may have assisted with the experimental surgeries toward the end of her life. (MTC influenced the design and construction of the TX-0 and -2 computers.)
-Along with Whirlwind, she is SAGE and PDP-chan's mother. (MTC was used in the early SAGE project [granted, that was when SAGE pretty much = Whirlwind], and was instrumental in the TX-0 project [from which the PDP-1 was created].)
-One of Ken Olsen's first creations, she considers him her father. (MTC his earliest pre-DEC creation?)
-Has a extremely loyal, kind and compassionate attitude.
-Smaller than Whirlwind-tan, but with her same approximate physical proportions. (MTC has the same amount of memory and same speed as Whirlwind.)
-As intelligent as Whirlwind, but her potential remained largely untapped. (While possessing the speed of Whirlwind, it was never fully taken advantage of, due to lack of software and hardware.)
-Gets along well with LINC-tan.
-SAGE currently seems unaware that she is her mother, probably due to a combination of memory loss and possible repression. PDP-1 on the other hand is aware of her relation to both.
-Wears an old-time nurse's outfit incorporating a blue gingham dress and solid-colored pinafore and hat.
-Has medium-length brown or blonde hair (haven't decided yet) and golden eyes (thus answering the question of where SAGE got her blue and yellow eyes from...)


I'd say she was probably trained at Mass General, as a nurse, since that's one of the few things MIT can't handle in house.  That probably gave her a pretty good understanding of how to interact with humans/people in general.  I'd also say she's probably more effusive/affectionate then Whirlwind-hime is.

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