How many countries can you name in 5 minutes?

Started by Aurora Borealis, July 31, 2009, 11:35:46 PM

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well, 27 is good. just think, most of the US chidren probably couldn't get half that. xD

i'd do it too, but class will end in 10 minutes, and i have alot of other posts to go through. maybe later today. :]

Raffaele the Amigan

Geee... It is not naming... It is TYPING!

And I am really not so quick at typing on the keyboard...  ;014

Also the game parser mechanism did not accepted many countries as I remembered only their names in italian language... "Latvia" for example for me is "Lettonia", "Somaliland" is "Somalia", I just had an epiphany to remember Latvia all of a sudden...

And also I felt disappointed as I was typing more and more times "England" and then "Great Britain" asking why it did not accepted it, before finding it was waiting input as "United Kingdom"...

Hovever not bad for a not native spoken english: 44 countries...

(44 countries I remembered with their english name is really a bonus for my point of view  ;010  )

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Apparently whoever wrote that thing didn't remember the no-http-in-bbcode-rule of forum works...


Here's mine...

But I think this question is not how many countries I can name in five minutes, but how many five-year-olds I could take in a melee fight:

(I highly doubt I could take on 23-- my nephew was already able to wrestle me to the ground nearly strangle me at the age of three. xD)