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Started by NejinOniwa, May 03, 2009, 09:10:47 AM

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Gussy Keniji

S'been awhile hasn't it. Oh right, Copypasta although I changed a few things about it since last time.

NAME: Inuchi Orthros
CLASS/RACE: Hellhound (Warg type)
ORIGIN: Makai (also known as, 'Hell' in most other languages)
AGE: 19 (could be alot older than she appears...)

APPEARANCE: Stands nearly 5'4" and weighs 115 lbs. Hair is black in color with pointed dog ears to match her hair color. Eyes are an exotic shade of maroon. She wears a long Red Kimono w/ bone designs on plastered on it. Has a fluffy dog like tail thar matches her hair color but has streaks of scarlet as well (near the tip). Wears a collar around her neck for some odd reason...

PERSONALITY: A Hellhound who just wants to be a normal Dog girl in a non-Dog girl world...In short, she has a bit difficulty fitting in w/ others being she's used to the mannerisms of Makai (i.e: Culture Shock'd). Inuchi harbours a dog like disposition, and seems to 'woof' whenever she finishes a sentence (saying 'Arf'), that said she'll also growl if she's feeling aggressive and whines when she's melancholy. She actually enjoys eating 'Doggy Treats' and those who give them to her may find themselves with a Warg that follows them around wanting them to give her more. Inuchi enjoys gaurding/protecting things or people, for she feels she has a purpose doing such things. Likes being scratched behind the ears but hates bad smells and loud noises.

BACKGROUND: 4th daughter in a litter of 5 born to the Orthros clan, rasied in the 7th Circle of Makai and would later come to wander around aimlessly in Quarmote. Inuchi's childhood can be described as rather normal for a demonic beast, and showed no endearing qualities like that of her 4 other brothers and sisters. The Hellhound, continued life as she did, and really no one noticed that she had great potential like her siblings, that is until Inuchi managed to prove herself worthy of becoming a Great Dutchess of Hell by defeating the demon, Berith who held the same title. While she could have easily attained the title of a Great Dutchess and even came to command the 26 legions of demons Berith had under his rule, Inuchi instead settled for the job as a Gatekeeper of Hell as her family intended (all of her siblings bailed out and went elsewhere in Hell leaving only Inuchi to take up on the family job). This refusal of power, surprised a great number of demons as usually a demon would jump at the chance of becoming a Great Duke, but this managed to show that not all demons were concearned with power as Inuchi only really chose the job of Gatekeeper because it was her dream to be one (oddly enough).

However, her older brother Garm returned to the 7th Circle to claim such a title after he himself had lost his own during the coup to overthrow a Tyrant. Inuchi...didn't win, and was promptly booted out of Hell by her own brother, leaving her to wander where ever the wind took her. Inuchi holds no true hostilities towards her brother and accepts her new life in stride, although apart of her really wishes that he hadn't have came and disrupted her Gatekeeper mojo the way he did...

Strength- 11
Dexterity- 10
Intelligence- 9
Karma- 10
Mind- 13

Digging: 5p
Sense of Smell: 5p

Doggy Digger: Dig a hole to escape danger or move around (5p)
Beast Scent: Sniff out your foe with that powerful nose of yours! Also good for identifing different things or organisms. (5p)
Warg Nikyu: Beat the foe into submission with that boxing glove of yours! (10p)
Fenrir Blaze: Gives new meaning to the phrase 'Dog Breathe' (20p)

-Red Kimono: A large, loose fitting Kimono, w/ cute bone designs covering it, sleeves cover up the wearers hands quite often. Inuchi loves these types of clothes
-Gold Earring: A special ear ring that is worn on her left ear, given to her when she was a pup, has never taken it out since
-Boxing Glove: A Boxing Glove Inuchi uses this to hit bad folks, or perverts. It's a mystery where she hides this, but truth be's there...
-Dog Collar: Infernal collar made for dog-girls, seems to emitt a strange aura during a full moon
-(1) Bag of Dog Treats: A bag of dog treats, Inuchi simply loves these to death~



Seems more and more people are interested in joining. Seems fun eh nejin?

Though just like you said, seems like we speed up too fast. This is only from my point of view, but don't you think we need some restraint in order for other who is participating have enough act? But we also need some time constraint if after some time the participant act but he/she didn't post for too long. I think this way all participant will have enough act and still not have to wait for too long because if one participant act never make it (who knows? He/she might be busy, go away on holiday, etc)

But, like I said, it's only from my point of view, you're the one call for it nejin.
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I'm thinking of staying passive on this until china is over. So, like wut, 2 weeks from now, or so.

Alex S

Well, it's been over a week since the last activity in the ingame thread.  Somebody needs to have their character do something because I don't want to post directly after  someone that posted directly after me, unless the other person added significantly to the storyline.


Well, have to agree with you alex. I'm actually itching to make another post, but judging from the thread, it would be unfair to leave behind some of the player just because they have not make a post for some time.
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Yeah I was absent for too long cuz of these damn exams(( I will try to wright my post today, thanks for not getting to ahead ^_^
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I apologize for my English in advance, because it isn\'t my natural language. So if you see any mistakes or you don\'t understand what I\'m saying, please don\'t hesitate and tell me about your misunderstanding or where I have made a language mistake.


Don't worry. Like I said, I'm itching, but not cranky enough to do something terrible. And I'am sure the other would say the same.

Btw, back to topic, Nejin I want to ask some question again.
You have said before that there will be mythical creatures and races in the game. Does that also mean the less known mythical creatures like Dullahan, Hydra, Leprechaun, Lich and less known race like orc, goblin, half orc, half elf, halfing, dark elves also in the game?
Also, I want to ask about mage. Does all mages in the game only can cast destructive magic or there will be other types of mage like necromancer, summoner, alteration, abjurer?
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All right, it's time to drop the bus on you.

Yes, EWAR contains a lot more than I've revealed yet; However, due to most of the character cast being Sliders that don't exactly follow the ruleset of EWAR, I've decided to make some relocation of the story. More on that when it comes ingame though, but besides, it will lighten up the game and make us able to go batshit crazy with any powers we want more than ever before (hell yeah) without me worrying my ass around for Haldera and its citizens' mental stability. (What's wrong with me, seriously)

The magical creatures of EWAR are custom-made, and thus, as unrelated to our classic mythological fauna (ironically, a handful of creatures are pokemon-inspired; like the Kuphis giant mantis - srsly, can anything be more horrifying than a 2 meter tall green insect with HIVEMINDS, WINGS and enormous, razor-sharp claws on its front arms? HELP ME~) as possible. No more on that though. Don't want to spoil the plot, you'll have to wait until the books get finished. <3

And don't even get me started on the magic system. There are some details of its nature in the old outgame thread, but since Ra - the power of magic - is essentially integrated into the physics of EWAR, you can do pretty much anything. I mean, really, anything that could possibly happen under any circumstances can be made to happen with the Ra type of magic.
So...don't ask ;w;

Anyway, I'm back from CHINESE HELL now, so it's up to the board again. Get 'em going!


So, I guess that's means I have to chill out for a while huh? ;012

Most of the characters are slider? Guess that means most of us have a hidden desire for dimension traveling eh ;012 ?

Anyway, I'm highly anticipating how this will become. Maybe if all goes well you can create a book out of it nejin ;010 . Keep up the good work.
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Hah ^^ Hopefully I'll try to keep as much slidering as possible well out of the storyline's way, because that tends to screw seriose authoring up real good; The first book is well underway, though (in fact, the first chapter starts on the next mountain on the path you're walking, right after Behegúr) and I'm planning to finish it this year when I'm in authoring ed. The only real problem I have to face is publishing... ;W;

No more of that though.

As for chilling out, just have to make sure everyone's following, and then we can rock on.