Which OS-tan are you most like?

Started by Night4ce, March 29, 2009, 06:09:29 pm

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Dr. Kraus

Depends on what I'm doing at the time.
At School I can be like Linux most of the time (Fedora, Redhat, Ubuntu) I'm open and let my thoughts flow to the people around me without hesitation and I don't hesitate to help out but I do need help myself from the people around me alot of the time.
At home I'm more like Windows95/2K. I'm very traditional and very mellow most of the time at home (When my brother isn't pestering me). When I'm working on something I'm more like 2K, working non-stop on stuff but needing a break every once and a while. I guess I can be like Linux at home some of the time but mainly Windows.


i've been showing my 2k side alot recently, what with the grown-up commute and the college and all that. but occasionally the little innocent ME-tan shows for a bit.

and then i turn into a raving cranky bitch inbetween the bus station and the subway station. (otherwise i get hit up for moneh. :[ )